Sunday, June 18, 2006

First drive-in and first father's day

We had a fantastic weekend! On Friday night we went to the Drive-In movie. Since "Grease" was one of my favorite movies growing up, I hummed "Stranded at the drive-in" the entire time we were there. We saw the new movie (Disney, I think), "Cars". It is hilarious! Definitely one to watch. It was the perfect setting for an almost 4 month old. She could cry as loud as she wanted and no one cared. But mostly, she slept through. The first picture of her is right after she woke up, the nighttime setting on the camera was freaking her out. My friend Kristy and I got a good laugh at her expense...poor girl. The second picture is after the movie is over. Nora is the only one sleeping, but Matthew and I were ready to call it a night too. It was after midnight and we were exhausted!

A very startled baby (if you look carefully, you can see the movie in the background)

A very tired family!!!! We are all ready for bed!

Today was Matthew's first Father's Day! Nora woke him up at 7am with a great big smile and a whole lot of babbling that I'm sure meant, "Happy Father's Day Daddy, you're the greatest in the whole world!". She gave him a basketball goal. It is a gift for down the road when he teaches her how to play (because her mama is not too good with the 'ole basketball). Some people were telling me that the gift was too early, I should have waited until she was older. Come on! It's never to early to start teaching coordination, right? Help a sister out, give me some feedback! We went to lunch with our friends, the Brown's, after church and then came home and we all took about a 2 hour nap. (Which I think is also a Happy Mother's Day!)

Matthew and his girl, Marshall and his boys

It was a fabulous weekend! Nora and I leave tomorrow for the Lone Star State to visit my family. We will be gone until Friday. Matthew is sad, understandably! I hope to have fun stories when we return.


Tesney said...

Of course it's not to early for the basketball. Clayton is already working on the correct hold with a football. :) He has a football rattle that his daddy was teaching him to hold the other day. I say the earlier they start, the better chance of earning an athletic scholarship to college. Better yet, signing a multi-million dollar contract with a pro team.

Leslie said...

Hey girl! It is absolutely not too early for Nora and Matthew to be sharing basketball hopes and dreams. We want little Nora on "A" team sports at Harding one day, not "C" team like us!! :) At least we were cute in our matching football outfits. Have fun with your Mom and Marty! We saw "Cars" yesterday and Ethan loved it so very much. Addie slept through it which meant more popcorn for us all!

Kristen said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend for Father's Day (I loved the family picture of you guys). Was that Kristy Alexander (I forget her married name) in the pictures?

Have fun on your won't be that far from me once you are in Texas again!

Jean said...

Hi Dallas!

I got on your blog through Tesney's. Your little girl is precious! I know you are having so much fun with her. I'm impressed that you have one-we don't even have a digital camera, and technology is not my thing, so it will probably be a cold day in August before I have one! Take care! Jean

Tesney said...

You're really good if you can deduce the identity of the person holding Nora. I'm impressed.

Anna Dreyfus said...

Dallas, you don't know me, but I stumbled across your blog. My name is Anna, and I am a good friend of Tesney's. I remember your husband, Matthew (he probably won't remember me), from when his mom lived in Birmingham (Renie, right?). I think he may have lived with his dad for a while when she was in B'ham. Renie and my mom were good friends. We attended Homewood CofC, and got to know them. Then she bought a house close to where we lived. If I remember correctly, doesn't he have a younger brother (about my brother's age) and a younger sister (about my sister's age), and then an older sister? When I saw the picture of ya'll at the drive-in movie, I knew exactly who he was, and then looked at your web address to make sure about the last name. CRAZY. It is such a small world. By the way, Nora is precious!

Dallas said...

Anna, Yes, my husband is the one you are talking about. How funny! Have you looked at Tesney's entry about 6 degrees of separation? Perfect for her blog! I will mention you to Matthew and see if he remembers you. Don't feel bad if he doesn't...he does not exactly have the best memory :). Nice to "meet" you!

Jean Massey! How in the world are you? Get on the technology bandwagon girl! I would love to see pictures of your little boy. Any other kids on the horizon? Are you still staying at home? Keep commenting.

Kristen, yes, that is Kristy Alexander Brown. Her husband, Marshall, is the associate minister at our church and we are good friends with them. It's funny because her and Matthew actually dated in high school! Good eyes!

Kristen said...

I thought that was Kristy (and I thought that looked like her husband) forget, I knew that family quite well back in the day!

Sandi said...

Hi, Dallas -- I found your blog through Kristen's...I saw "Dallas" on her list of blogs, and I thought, "There can't be that many Dallas' around!!"

I think it's hilarious that you guys are such good friends with the Browns, given Matt and Kristy's dating in high school. That's great!

I married David Haustein and we have an almost two-year-old and one due in September. Hope you guys are doing well! Nora is absolutely beautiful!!

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