Saturday, July 08, 2006

Blogging questions

Okay, since I am new to this blogging thing, I have several questions. Please humor me and feel free to answer any or all. I realize I should have done more "homework", but am looking for the cliffnotes version.

  • How can I put links to other friends blog on my blog?
  • Can I post pictures onto my blog from my flickr account or do I have to do it from my harddrive?
  • If I can post from my flickr account, is there a way to reduce the size of the picture to fit the web page?
  • I have seen several blogs that have fun backgrounds...does anyone know how to personalize or am I limited to the backgrounds that they have provided me?
  • How do I provide a hyperlink to something I am mentioning in a post?

That is all for now. Thank you for humoring me! Your friend, the technically challenged, Dallas


Brooke said...

This is a great testimony to my last post, Dallas! Ha! I honestly don't know to do some of these things either... but I went to and searched in the help for directions on how to do some stuff.

Tesney said...

there is a tab on your toolbar on the post page that will let you create a link. just highlight the word you want to link and then click it. a box will pop up where you can enter the URL and that's it! you can also make your post title a link. go to dashboard, settings, and it will give you the option to have a link box under your title.

email me and i will forward you the email that brooke sent me on adding links to other people's website. you can email me from my profile page. hope this helps!

Kristen said...

I may ask Kevin to respond back to this blogging question...I know how to do that stuff, but not sure if I would "write" it the correct way. He is my computer expert (and it pays our bills!), and he is really good at explaining things.

Dallas said...

Brooke and Tesney, I figured out how to add links! Thank you both (Tesney, for sending the email and Brooke for writing it!). Kristen, thanks for the help too. Can you find out from Kevin about the "flickr" info. I still can't get my photo editor to work and would love to post some pictures, but don't know if I can do it from that account. Thank you all so much!

KevinOQ said...

Kristen asked me to help you out with your blogger questions. I see you've already got links to friends' blogs and Tesney has described how to add links within blog postings, so I'll focus on describing how to add images from the web (which includes Flickr). When you click on the "add image" button, the top right gives you the option to "add an image from the web". That is what you'll use to show Flickr-based photos (or any other image on the web, for that matter).

First, go to your Flickr account and open up the page for the picture you want to use. Up above the picture you'll see a magnifying glass icon for "all sizes". Click on that and you'll see a larger version of the picture along with links for all the "Available sizes". Pick out the size you want for your full-size picture on your blog. In other words, the one you want to show when people click the smaller version that initially shows on your actual blog posting. For argument's sake, lets say you want the "large" size. If it isn't already selected, click on that link, then scroll down that page and you'll see a section for photo links. Copy the link shown in "2. Grab the photo's URL:".

Ok, now you've got the link, so go back to your blogger "add an image from the web" window and paste it there. The options at the bottom of the window define how the picture will look in your blog post -- whether or not your blog text wraps around it, and what initial size the picture will display on your blog. That last option is what defines how to shrink down the image on your web page. When people click on that smaller version, it will then show a blank page with your full-sized original image. Make sense?

As for blogger templates, you are already aware of the 30 or so templates they provide by default. See this link for help on using them. However, a blog is really just a web page, so they can be infinitely customized if you so desire. Because of this, many people have created their own templates which you can download. Do a google search on "blogger template" or "blogspot template" and you'll see what I mean.

Tesney said...

Wow, Kevin is the man. I think he's definitely a Level 1 (see Brooke's last post).

Supabloggasuprememama said...

yeah, aparently you have figured all this stuff out! I need to figure out the flikr will be a great way for family to check on pics...guess thats my next project. Thanks for the link! I linked you up, too man. I love making blogger buds, and I plan to keep reading-esp new moms!

Dallas said...

Kevin, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! You are amazing...Kristen is one lucky lady! I really appreciate you taking the time to help me! Dallas

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