Thursday, July 13, 2006

A few of my favorite things...

Since becoming a mom, I feel like I have become acquainted with quite a few baby items. Some great, some, not so good...for me, for other moms and babies, they might be the best thing ever.I thought I would highlight some of my favorites for you.

Our stroller...I love it! It is by Chicco and one of the greatest things. It is a one-handed close and open (which you all know is very convienent!). It has great storage underneath and we love it!

The best mobile EVER!! When Nora was about 2 months old she would lay in her crib and stare at it for about 30 minutes. She would track it and would laugh and coo at it. I would love to watch her, she was so cute. I told my cousin, Julie, about it and she got one and said her little boy, Bailey, loves it too.

I knew before we even had Nora that the Pack N Play was big ticket was a must have. When we registered for this one, I did not realize that we were registering for the BEST one that Graco had to offer. Notice the green diamond shaped contraption on the side, it is what makes it so great. It is a little box that plays "white noise", it makes that Pack N Play vibrate (for those colicky babies), it has little night light on it, and plays Mozart. It is also easy to move. So, when she graduated to her crib, we moved the device too. Only downfall...the amount of batteries that we have had to invest in is crazy!

The BUMBO seat! Okay, obviously not the best picture of Nora, but it shows off the seat great. I love this seat. It is perfect for kids who are just learning to hold thier heads up. Nora sits in it all the time...when I'm reading to her, when she is eating her cereal, sometimes when I'm typing. The seat also "teaches" her to sit up (which I know helped with her sitting up so early-refer to previous post where I brag about her sitting up for a millisecond). She loves it too. Oh, and it is super light! We take it with us just about everywhere.

Just a few of our faves around the Henderson home. It's funny how my favorites used to be new clothes or a really cool kitchen gadget...having a kid really does change everything!


Supabloggasuprememama said...

oohhh think ill have to try this bumbo seat. ive never even heard of it!

Tesney said...

We registered for, but did not receive, the Bumbo seat. I may have to invest in it since it is so great. You're about the 10th person I've heard rave about it.

Julie said...

I have a friend who has told me the Bumbo seat is a must have. I guess we need to get one!

Tesney said...

Where did you buy the mobile? We're going to get one for Clayton because I'm trying to get him to nap in his crib by laying him down while still awake (a la BabyWise and Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child). I think he wouldn't protest as much if he had something to look at. I looked on tinylove's website, but I don't think you can order it from there.

Dallas said...

Tesney, it was a shower gift, but I believe it was from Target. Good was hard to get Nora to go to sleep when I laid her down awake, but after a few times, she figured it out and now it is a breeze.

Kristen said...

I have heard great things about those Bumbo seats too -- although we didn't have them with either of our boys. My FAVORITE stroller is a Chicco umbrella stroller (with basket) that is compact, comfy, and easy to move.

Just looked at all of the pictures you uploaded on flickr. Nora is so cute!

Tesney...I think they have that mobile at Babies R Us (we have the old version).

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