Sunday, July 30, 2006

Mostly for the family

Warning...the following post might only be interesting for our families:

Nora is now eating sweet potatoes! And she is LOVING them! I hope she feels this way about all veggies...ah, to dream. But, she gobbles down the sweet potatoes and gets very agitated everytime I have to fill the spoon up with more. Impatient little thing. Anyway, her are some pictures of her getting her fill:

And now the video. It is her sitting up for a few seconds...I hope it works!

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Isn't she a cutie!

She is getting really good at sitting up! I'm such a proud mommy! She is getting to be so much fun too. One of her new faves is to look in the mirror and smile at the little girl on the other side. She loves to be tickled on the bottoms of her feet, but if she thinks you have been doing it for too long, she'll yell at you :). She is still teeny, but I'm hoping she will start to bulk up with the added vegetables in her diet. I am actually making my food! My good friend, Lyndsay Magar, makes her baby food and totally inspired me when we were together last week. It is sooooooo easy and a whole lot cheaper than the store bought stuff. My other friend, Leslie Echols, loaned me a book from her collection, Super Baby Food. It has some yummy recipes in it. Lyndsay recommended "Blender Baby Food", but I have not been able to find it yet...the hunt is not over though. I realize it is impractical for a lot of moms to do this, but for this stay-at-home mom who is trying to pinch pennies, it is a breeze. I say all of this and I have only tackled one food. I'm hoping the rest is as easy.

We leave Tuesday morning, bright and early, for our trip to Orange Beach. I'm hoping to be a better photographer than I was on our last trip, maybe Matthew can give me a nudge every now and then. We're actually stopping in Hattiesburg, MS for a few days with his dad and then onto the sandy beaches on Thursday. We'll be coming home on until then, have a great week.


Karie said...

i made daniel's baby food for a while too! it was a lot cheaper. i never did it with annie but it took her 2 days to finish 3 jars. however, he can finish 3 jars in approx. 15 minutes!!! it really wasn't that time consuming. i just made up a lot at once and froze it in ice cube trays. i had freezer bags full of different vegis in our freezer. i never did any meats. my food processor was great for baby food.

i want to know how you added the video. that was great and i know our families would love that (mine especially since they are out of town!)

have fun in florida!

Dallas said...

Karie, I took the video with my digital camera and then downloaded it to my computer. I went to the website,, and followed their directions. It was really easy! They have a free service (that is the one that I used) and then one to pay can do unlimited videos. Very easy! Good luck, I can't wait to see videos of your kids now :)

Tesney said...

I'm thinking of making baby food when Clayton is older. My friend, Elise (Jim Gaskin's wife--did you know him at HU?), makes her own and got most of her recipes off the internet. It looks really easy, especially if you do a lot at once. She froze hers in ice cube trays, too.

I'm so jealous of your beach trip. We usually go with my parents every fall, but I didn't want to try it this year with Clayton being so little. Since Nora is sitting up :) she will probably love playing and watching all the people. Do you have one of those little tents? I'm already looking forward to going next year! Hope you have a great trip!

Heather said...

I love all of these mommy tips. I'm saving them for when it happens to me. I like the idea of making your own baby food. You know exactly what's in there and it's cheap!!!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

Precious little girl. love the bow. im glad shes sitting up! how proud you must be! im also impressed youre making your own food. I guess i was too lazy...with school and everything...sigh. I am cooking more now though! yay!

Julie said...

Nora is a cutie! I can't wait to see her again...the cousins need to get together!

How do you make her food? I am interested in trying that.

Sandi said...

Oh, my goodness -- Nora is so cute and totally has Matthew's eyes! I hadn't noticed that in the earlier ones. Really sweet!

I made some of my own baby food, too. At the time we didn't have an ice-maker, so I couldn't sacrifice ice trays to freeze the food (I LOVE ice)...but this time around, I think I'll do it that way. I have another good book for Baby Food -- I'll have to look at the name and get back to you.

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