Wednesday, July 05, 2006

So White!!!!!

I am officially back to blogging. We got our computer back today...yeah! It has been a bit of a struggle for me to not check in everyday with my favorite blogs. We got our computer back, but not all of our programs! Our photo editing program didn't make it back onto the harddrive and I am having a VERY hard time downloading and editing pictures right now. I guess I'll figure it out eventually.

So much has happened since I last blogged. If you are not really that interested in our family and what is going on in it, stop reading now.

Nora has learned to sit up!!!!! When we were at lunch on Sunday, I set her on the table and let go for a millisecond and she didn't tumble over. A very proud moment for her two parents. I am not so blinded by her giftedness that I do not see that it was not a true "sit up". She balanced on her bottom without diving for the table for a few seconds and we considered it sitting up. She still has some muscle control to gain before she is seriously sitting up, but don't think I didn't mark down July 2, 2006 as the first time she sat up in her baby book. Now that she has displayed her gift for sitting, we practice several times a day.

The 4th of July did not scare her too much...thank goodness. She started wide-eyed at the fireworks and hardly made a peep when they exploded over her head. What a trooper. Of course, if someone other than me tries to hold her, or sometimes, even look at her, she goes crazy and produces big 'ol tears.

The reason for the subject of this blog-So White!!!!!-is because I am SO WHITE! I am embarrassed when I look down at my legs and see how pale they are. I thought with a new baby I would have all kinds of time to lay out while she was napping. Not the case! I am convinced that before this summer is over I will drag myself out to our backyard and get a base coat on my body. Why is it so hard to get ANYTHING done with an infant? Everyone says that when they start crawling and walking it is so much easier. Then I'm going to be running around after her, I don't see how it gets easier. We are going to Orange Beach, Alabama at the beginning of August and I fear that I will blend into the sand and no one think I have appendages. I will just be a swimsuit...aughhh!!!! That's a whole other subject-the dreaded swimsuit on the post-pregnancy body.

We took Nora to camp for the first time last week. Camp Tahkodah is where Matthew and I met the summer of '94 and where we married in May of '03. It is such a special place to both of us and I hope that Nora (and other future children) learn to love it as much as we do. We are actually hoping that next summer we can go and spend a few weeks helping out.

I am going to be home the next few weeks, so I hope to get caught up blogging. It has truly become an addiction that I am encouraging all of my friends to take part in. I hope to post some pictures soon, check out our "Flickr" account though. It has some pictures on it that I had already saved.


Tesney said...

Love the pictures! Nora has the biggest blue eyes--so pretty! You're not the only paleface in the world. I've decided that I'm on the "pasty white is beautiful" bandwagon and I'm boycotting the sun. I hate being so pale, but I've recently become more concerned about skin cancer and wrinkles so I've made up my mind to embrace my whiteness. Maybe I'll try spray tanning.

Julie Walker said...

You are so funny! I guess I take sitting up for granted and didn't realize it was such a gift. Go ahead and write that she sat up on July 2nd. I tell everyone Tate was walking at 13 months when he just barely took a few steps and didn't really walk until around 12 and a half! SO good to hear from you. I love reading about what is going on in your daily life. Also, don't worry about the white legs, it is a curse I have lived with my whole life and have passed on to my pasty white toddler. And the baby weight will ALL come off as soon as she is mobile!!

Julie (again) said...

okay, so I really should preview my comments before publishing..... Tate didn't walk until 14 and a half months

Jim and Sara said...

Spray tan is a great invention for those of us who can't spend hours in the sun! Fortunately this year,
Sara Miller said....

Laura is enjoying the pool, so we go a few times a week. Lots of fun for all.

Enjoyed reading all your blogs....sounds like you are enjoying being a mother. And it does not get easier once they start walking...I'd say that is when it gets tough. Each stage brings easier things yet harder things......

Take care!

Dallas said...

Julie and Sara, so good to hear from y'all! Julie, how can you forget how important sitting up is :). I told Matthew that when Nora puts one foot in front of the other for the first time we are probably going to do backflips. It's so funny how crazy we are. Glad to know that everyone is a fan of the spray tan...I will have to invest!

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