Sunday, October 15, 2006

An invitation please!

Some of my blogging world friends have suddenly been sending out invitations to view their blog. I'm sad to say that I have not received an invitation. Am I the kid that thinks she's cool, but really everyone is talking about her behind her back saying how sad it is that she wants to go to the party, but no one has invited her? I hope not. I tried to get on one of my favorite blogs recently (Ashley Mills, you better be reading this because I am talking to you!) and I was denied access because I am not a "cool" kid. I really thought I had commented enough and shown enough interest in her fantastic blog to warrant an invite. Sigh...Obviously, I am a loser and way out of the loop. If the rest of you decide (and by the rest of you, I mean everyone listed to the right of this post) to go top secret on me and don't give me the keys to unlock your blogging door, it has been fun and I have enjoyed every letter you have typed :).

*****Ashley-I love you blog and am so sad to not be able to read it! You were my daily laugh and your quirky way with words was an inspiration to me. Let me know what I can do to come to the cool party! I will give you my lunch money and do your homework for you. I sound desperate, I know, it's pitiful, but seriously...I need my dose of supa!


Anonymous said...

You are so invited to read my blog anytime, I will not be sending out invites, so never fear, Dallas... Babbling of Brooke remains open. I know you were worried. ha
I am sure Ashley will give you an invite, and hopefully me too when she reads your blog!

Dallas said...

Thanks Brooke! I am starting to feel better! :)

Anonymous said...

you are hilarious. You were automatically included! HELLO! i just didnt want to seem like the girl that just assumed you wanted to read my blog and maybe you didnt! Im kinda waiting on somepeople to ask! welcometo the partay! no homework required....;)

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