Thursday, November 02, 2006

Calling all Stay At Home Moms: Posh Spice and Sporty Spice

Before a baby: Posh Spice

After a baby: Sporty Spice

Let me begin by saying that I was a fairly fashionable person once in my life. I knew name brands and quite a few designers (thanks to my sister who was employed by Neiman Marcus). I was a teacher for 7 years before little Miss Nora arrived and never owned a jumper or piece of wooden jewelry. And I was very proud of that. I had a hard time dressing "casual" on Fridays. I would usually pair my "nice" jeans with some rockin' boots or heels and a stylish top. Rarely did my running shoes make an appearance at school...and I liked it that way. I wore shoes that most teachers would have toppled over in. Oh sure, there was the occasional discomfort, but it was worth it. I loved it when I would be reading aloud to my little students, who were gathered around my feet, and one of the girls would sigh and say, "Mrs. Henderson, I LOVE your shoes! I hope that I can wear shoes like that when I am old." (I usually let the "old" comment pass because she had just complimented my footwear). Even when I was pregnant, I would wear my heels. Sure, I would get home and my ankles would be the size of my head, but it was for a good

Now, I have an 8 month old. I guess most of you know where this is going...downhill. I LIVE in my running shoes. (In the summer, it was my pair if I had on something black and brown for the brown get the point.) Also, my wardrobe is different. I gaze longingly at the slacks and dynamite skirts and think, "Would that be logical to wear to Mommy and Me? Probably not since there is a good chance that green beans, applesauce, or both might end up on them." So, what do I pull out instead? One of three things-jeans, velour jumpsuit-I have 3, or comfy black pants. It is so sad! I was putting on my jeans and t-shirt today when I looked in the mirror and thought, "I have got to step it up!". I do try, honestly! But there is only so much I can do. It is not practical for me to wear my "former life" clothes. When I go shopping now I don't head straight for the skirts and cute tweed pants, I go to the shirts...even now, it hurts me to type this.

My one saving grace is Tuesday nights. On Tuesday nights I get to pretend that I am "posh" again. I leave my world of mommy and become professional again, if only for 2 1/2 hours. I have not gone to class a single Tuesday night in heels lower than 2 inches, and I love it! (Granted, I have to limp to my car after class because my feet are not conditioned like they used to be.)

But, I get home, go check on Nora, and realize that a lifetime in running shoes and sweats is worth it, because I have traded all the fashion in the world for the most precious little girl. So, my "professional" clothes will be pushed to the back of the closet for a few years while I enjoy getting down on the floor and playing or taking her for a ride in the stroller. (Let's just hope when I do need them again, I'll at least have one item that would be considered stylish.)

How many of the rest of you have felt like this?


Ashley said...

I love it, Dee! Unfortunately, I was never stylish like you so really not much has changed. I wear scrubs on my professional day and LIKE it!!

Tesney said...

Oh yeah, I feel ya. I also LOVE dressing up on Mondays to teach. I ALWAYS wear heels because it's my one chance for the week...except for church and sometimes they're really impractical there because I've got nursery duty. This post really hit home...sigh....

Julie said...

AMEN! I actually wore a "dry clean only" top for the first time in 5 1/2 months the other day and found myself saying "can someone hold Bailey, I'm wearing dry clean only" How sad! Bailey is definitley worth being less stylish, but the rare occassions of feeling "pretty" are nice.

Jim and Sara said...

Yeah this hits home. I wear workout clothes most days. Jim is always teasing me about ALWAYS buying new black workout pants to add to my wardrobe. When you wear them everyday..they get ashy real quick!!

However, now that I am working 3 mornings a week, I get to dress in my work clothes. And just the other day, I was complaining about having to wear a skirt and hoisery to school. (Since I work for the Brethren...wearing skirts is a requirement for work).

Kristen said...

I can totally relate. On the occasions I do dress in something other than jeans or yoga pants, Sam looks at me and says, "wow, mommy, why are you all dressed up? Are we going someplace special?" Usually, it is just another trip to Walmart!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

haha! i feel your pain. many a top has been ruined already just from drool. booo. boooo. glad im not alone..

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