Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween activities

We have had a wonderful past few days introducing Nora to all of her "first" Halloween experiences. Of course, she won't remember them, but hopefully Matthew and I will. Below is a little photo journal of our fun.

First visit to the pumpkin patch...she is so excited she doesn't know what to do with her hands

Our family at the pumpkin patch

Our Fall Festival at Church Sunday night. Matthew helped Nora play all of the games and ride on the pony. She wasn't crazy about the game where she had to throw the ball in the bucket. She started crying immediately afterwards.

Matthew and Nora climbing the big slide for her first ever inflatable slide ride
At the top, ready to go! My camera did a crazy thing on me as I was getting ready to capture them going down and didn't take the picture. But, she did laugh the entire way down!

Matthew and I attempted to dress up "50's style" to match our poodle.

And, finally, Nora and her friend, John David the octopus, Trick or Treating last night. It was SO COLD! Nora had to wear a hat under her poodle cap and gloves. They had fun on John David's daddy's golf cart going to all the houses and looking cute.

I hope everyone had a very Happy Halloween!!!!


Jim and Sara said...

Nora is very cute. Dallas, your '50s outfit is great.

Why didn't Matt dress up for the Fall Festival?


Brad, Amy & Sadie said...

Dallas, these pictures are CLASSIC! I love the one of Nora in the pumpkin patch - you can tell she is SO excited. Looks like you all had so much fun!

Jim and Sara said...

Nice backside shot of Matthew!


Nora is a doll.

Dallas said...

I know, he wasn't very happy with me for posting that one :). I thought it was important to show the great climb.

Ashley said...

Love the pictures! Fall with a baby is the BEST! Nora is so cute in her little poodle costume. I had planned on being "Lea" and carrying around Ranger as "Yoda" but never got time to sit at my sewing machine so I'm taking a rain check on that one.

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