Monday, December 18, 2006

Guess Who's Crawling!

Yep! Last night, Nora decided to start crawling FORWARDS. She has been crawling backwards for about 3 weeks now, not really getting to her destination, but last night she figured out the forward motion. I started crying today when she was crawling-do you think I'm going to be a basketcase when she starts school? Here is a quick video of her doing her new trick. (By the way...if you have your volume on you'll hear a machine gun firing in the's just my embroidery machine. No need to be alarmed, we don't have fire arms in the house.)

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Julie said...

Wow! She looks like an expert already! Bailey is right behind her! I know it will be any day for him. It had just better not be while I am out of town next week! I want to cry when I think about Bailey crawling, so I think it is completely normal for you to cry! Love you! Hope to see y'all over Christmas.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

awe! look at her go! yay! oh and you do embroidery? thats awesome. Im jealous. Wish I could learn. ;)

Ashley said...

Go Nora! Watch out world! It does sound like a machine gun!! I can't wait for Ranger and Nora to play again. I know they'll interact a whole lot more than last time!

Jim and Sara said...

Life is just about to get super busy for you with your mobile daughter. I got a good laugh from the background sound of the embroidery machine.


Heather said...

She's such a big girl and a good crawler! She's going to get in to all kinds of mischief now.

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