Friday, January 26, 2007

Last day of my 20's

Well, thank you very much Oprah for knowing I was having a hard time turning 30 and having a whole show about women in their 30's...I really appreciate you. You are making the transisition easier.

Today is my last day in my 20's and I wake up tomorrow a new and older woman. I am finally looking forward to lie.

My mom, sister, and grandmother drove in from Texas last night and are here to celebrate with us. Matthew and I are going on a date tonight and they are going to play with Nora.

You've been great "20's", thanks for the memories!


Heather said...

Happy early birthday! Enjoy your last day as a twenty-something. May the 30s be the best years ever!

Sara said...

Have a super date and birthday! I watched Oprah yesterday and thought about you.

Chad Gardner said...

Hey Dallas,

We were at Harding the same time and I just celebrated/mourned my 30th a couple of weeks ago. My wife's 30th is this next week as well. But in my opinion, 30 is the new 18... Have a great day!


Tesney said...

Happy Birthday to you!

Jim Miller said...

Happy birthday, Dallas!

Did you wake up with any new aches or pains? Did you notice any gray hairs? Did you have the urge to buy a Lincoln Towncar?

Ashley said...

Happy Birthday, my friend!! Thanks for paving the way for me, just a couple of months before. Rent "13 going on 30", that's one of my favorite flicks. We're alot more grounded than alot of 30 year olds, I try to tell myself :)

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