Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Quick list of Nora things:

  • She turned 11 months old today
  • Her ear infection has cleared up...yea!
  • She wakes up in such a good mood!!!! She has since was a little bitty baby, but nowadays, when she wakes up she talks and laughs and wants to cuddle.
  • She sleeps from about 11 to 12 hours at night
  • Her top teeth are starting to show and she has started gritting them against her bottom teeth...how do I get her to stop this?
  • She is starting to refuse baby food. She is little miss independant and wants to feed herself. So, I am trying to find foods that are easy to give. So far, she loves peas, little carrots, corn, shredded up turkey, cottage cheese, eggs, and loves yogurt
  • She loves taking things out of a basket and then put everything back in.
  • She can "give 5", raise her arms over her head when she hears someone say "yea!", say and wave hi and bye, and clap when she is happy

okay, quick list and by no means exahaustive, but a little about my baby


Sara said...

Nora sounds like a joy. Isn't it just so amazing how fast a year can go by!


Brad, Amy & Sadie said...

Nora seems so perfect! The teeth grinding - Sadie still does it every once in a while and it annoys me to no end... I think they just like the sound of it - something new! The excitement of it will wear off eventually... I am jealous that Nora is such a good eater! Sadie will eat her veggies, but mainly if hidden in other things...And cottage cheese? Forget about it. I have tried. She is her father's daughter.

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