Sunday, March 25, 2007


I know I am a huge slacker in the blogging department! I don't think I have any "faithful" readers, just nice people who happen to stop by every now and then.

It's Sunday afternoon and I am seriously considering a nap. Nora is FINALLY laying down after playing in her crib for about 30 minutes. Before we had even left the church parking lot after services, she was sound asleep. Of course, the second we pull into the garage, she is up and ready to party. Oops, I hear her playing again...I am not budging...she WILL nap.

We have Bible Study at our house tonight and I really should be cleaning, but I am tired. With my first pregnancy, I don't remember being as tired. AND I had a full-time job teaching 2nd graders. Am I getting old or just tired from keeping up with a toddler? Probably both.

Tomorrow I get a massage! I am so excited! Back in the fall, Matthew and I went to an auction. He bid on a gift certificate and won. It expires on March 31st, so I am getting it in right under the deadline. Matthew is on spring break this week, so I don't even have to find someone to watch Nora for me. What a great day!

We are leaving Tuesday for Hattiesburg, MS to visit Matthew's dad and stepmom. It should be nice. Matthew will (hopefully) get to play some golf and I will (hopefully) have some grandparent help with Nora. It's always nice to go there. We're excited, however, we are not excited about the 10 hour car ride.

I go to the doctor April 2nd for my first official doctor's appointment. I will be 13 weeks along. I don't even feel pregnant right now, which at times makes me nervous. Did any of the rest of you ever get anxious during your pregnancy? You know, you kind of wanted to carry a fetal monitor around with you at all times to make sure the baby was actually inside of you and growing okay. I know, in my head, that everything is probably fine, but I need to let my imagination know that too. Am I the only crazy one in this world? Before having Nora, we had a miscarriage, and I wonder, if that had not of happened, would I be like this? Would I worry or even think of the worse-cased scenario? I don't know. What I do know though, is that no matter what the outcome, God is taking care of me and our family. He is in control and knows so much better than we do.

Thanks for letting me unload.

Matthew preached at church this morning (the regular guy was on a trip with his family). Matthew did a fabulous job! I was so proud of him. He spoke about 12 ordinary men (the 12 apostles). The only thing that made them extraordinary was the time they spent with Jesus. Each one of us is also ordinary, but God has chosen us, and if we spend time with the Father, than we can also become extraordinary people for God. Of course, he did a much better job than I just did. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband who loves God and his family so much!

Nora is finally asleep and I think I am going to lay down. Very random post today...sorry. One day, I will actually upload all the pictures off my camera and share how my baby girl is growing so big. Everyone have a great week!


Summer Dale said...

Hi. I am a faithful reader of your blog, and I always like to see what Nora is up to. As for pregnancy, I was much more of a worrier (after being pregnant with Macy.) It is almost like you can know too much (hear too many stories, read too many websites, etc.) and then you can worry about everything. I really had to pray about that in my last pregnancy so that I wouldn't think about it. Praying about it really did take away that worry for me (and I am natural worrier!)
Have a great trip!

Jamie Chitty said...

I'm a faithful reader as well. I hope the 10 car ride goes smoothly. I also pray that your check up went well. Keep us posted.

Ashley said...

I am a faithful reader!! About the massage, DON'T tell them your pregnant, if you haven't already. I mentioned it to my massage therapist last week when the massage was almost over, and she freaked out and said you're not supposed to get massages in the first trimester. I don't know if we're in the first trimester or not, 12 weeks always confuses me, but anyway, have fun! I don't feel as pregnant this time either, but I'm sure the babies are fine!

Sandi said...

You're wrong about faithful readers -- we're here, waiting! :)

Kristen said...

I am a faithful reader too...and have been waiting on an update!

I think I worried so much more with my 2nd pregnancy with Seth. I don't know why -- I really think that once Sam was born, I really understood the miracle of a healthy baby...I don't think I realized that though until he was born. So, when pregnant with Seth, I thought of all sorts of worries the entire nine months.

Have a fun trip!

parkspicks said...

I am a faithful reader as well! I always like to see what is going on with you guys!
I worried with both of my girls-It is hard not to!
Enjoy your trip- get some rest, you will need it with two kids!
We have tried to start blogging- davidandamyparks.blogspot
Not sure how faithful we will be, but we are trying!

Kim said...

I worried more the 2nd pregnancy too. I think part of it was that we told so many people early and we hadn't been to the doctor yet. I will pray that everything is well with you. Julie had her baby today and he is so cute. 9 pounds!! Have a safe trip and I am a faithful reader!

Sara said...

Hope you had a great massage! They are wonderful.

Your faithful reader,

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