Friday, April 13, 2007

1st night away

Tonight is going to be my first night away from Nora...and I am VERY excited! It has been almost 14 months and I think it is high-time. I am actually going to Little Rock with a bunch of ladies from my church to another Women of Faith conference. Even though I was just at one, I am looking forward to the stories, the singing, and the inspirational things that will take place.

Nora has been a grouch with a capital G today. I think it is because of her shots yesterday (all 4 of them). She has not stopped whining/crying all morning. Even though it is pouring cats and dogs here, I had to get out of the house! We took Matthew lunch and enjoyed 25 minutes with him. She whined the entire way home and as soon as we got here, I put her in her bed. I am worn out too!

Matthew and Nora will be going to visit his mom and stepdad tonight and spending the night with them. It will be good for them to have some nice quality time together. Hopefully she will be feeling better and won't be such a grouch.

I should get back home tomorrow night around 9:30. Please pray for a safe trip (rain is expected all weekend) and a rejuvenating experience!

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Amanda Moore said...

Dallas, I haven't been on for a while so I thought I would read a few of your updates. I have to say that the photo of Nora with the Easter Bunny is probably one of the funniest things I have ever seen. So adorable!!
Take Care!

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