Thursday, April 12, 2007

What time is it?????

This is the phrase that Matthew and I were mumbling last night at 12:30 when Nora started crying. WHAT!!!!!!! Keep in mind that Nora has been sleeping straight through the night, 12 hour stretches, since she was about 8 months old. Oh, occasionally she will wake up at night, make a sound, and lull herself back to sleep. I refuse to get out of my warm cozy bed until she has been crying for over 45 seconds (I don't know why 45 seconds...30 seconds seems like I am rushing in there and 1 minute seems like I am being really mean). Usually she cries for about 10 seconds and then rolls over and she is sawing logs again. (Of course, when she was learning to put herself back to sleep, I would sometimes let her cry for up to 10 minutes...glad those days are over!)

That is until last night. At 12:30 she was crying, and I mean really crying. Not the, "I lost my pacifier, where is it, oh, there it is, now I can go back to sleep" kind of cry. It was the, "I am in pain!" kind of cry. I went in her room and there she was, sitting straight up in bed, holding her blanket in one hand, pacifier in her mouth, and crying like she had a straight pin in her leg. I sweetly whispered that everything was okay, lay her down, covered her up with her blanket, and tip toed out of the room.

She kept on screaming! I waited it out though and eventually she went back to sleep. For an hour.

Then she woke up again, pretty much doing the same thing. Matthew's turn. Usually we don't take "turns", but I think I was too slow getting out of bed for his liking, so he went to her rescue. He went in, and patted her bottom until she went back to sleep. And again, as he was tip toeing out of her room, she erupted. Eventually though, she quieted down and fell asleep.

For an hour. Round three!

This time, I leaped out of bed (I wasn't going to have him out-do me again) and went to her room, thinking she probably had a 105 degree fever or something. Nope, no fever. So, I picked her up and started rocking her. As SOON as I picked her up, she fell right to sleep. I rocked her for about 15 minutes and figured she was in the REM stage good enough for me to deposit her back in her bed. Wrong. When I got up from the rocking chair, her eyes shot open and she started clinging to me. Sorry kiddo, your going to you own bed!

I laid her down and she finally slept the rest of the night! Is this God getting me ready for child #2? I hope not, because that is 5 1/2 months away! She woke up this morning at 8:30 (about an hour later than she usually does) and was as happy as a clam. Although, as I am typing this (10:20am) she is fast asleep in her crib. I guess all the action from last night is catching up to her and she is getting her beauty rest.

Little does she know that in about an hour I am taking her to get her 1 yr. shots!


Sara said...

Children are so unpredictable, aren't they. Hopefully it isn't a new stage of waking up at night. Hope tonight is better!

By the way, I enjoyed looking at your Easter all look wonderful. I'm terribly impressed by your baking!

Julie said...

You just described my life for the past 2 months!!!Ahhh!

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