Thursday, May 31, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

What a fabulous weekend we had! We did something that we have never done before, but I hope that we do it many, many more times over the years. We went tent camping! It was fun. We have been married 4 years and have owned a tent for 4 years, but have never put it to use.
We went with the Brown family and some guys from church. Nora loves the Brown boys and they are sweet to her (even though I am sure she annoys them quite often :) ).

I was worried about how Nora would do, but she slept the entire night (a little Benedryl probably helped with that) and loved everything about the outdoors. She was exhausted when we got home (and filthy!) but proved to be an "outdoorsy" girl at the early age of 1.

Below are some pics of our trip...if you would like to see them all you can click here or click on the Flickr badge to the right.
Mom, I don't like this life jacket thing that you put on me! Please take it off, I am super uncomfortable!
The water is freezing!!!! Actually, Nora had such a good time in the water, that when it was time to go in she started crying.
The inside view of our tent from our bed at Nora's Pack-N-Play.
I slept so good!!!! And I LOVE the mornings, even with banana all over my face.
The view of the inside of our tent from Nora's bed...see there is plenty of room!
The outside view of our tent and canopy. The guys tent and the Brown's tent were to the right of ours.
The Brown boys (Ethan, Griffin, and Tyson) playing Boche ball
On the pontoon boat. It was pretty windy, but Nora loved sitting beside her daddy!
Brrrrr! Very cold water. She did not love the water as much this time and cried to come back to the boat.
Family picture. Although I hate the way I look, I am swallowing my pride and posting it anyway. Here we are...all 3 1/2 of us.


suzanne said...

wow...looks like SO much fun!! and yall are so brave, going camping with a crib and a baby! kudos! (and you looked great in that last pic!)

Cassie said...


You look very good in the last photo!!
Nora is cutie! I love to camp but Scott does not, so I am hoping for one camping trip this summer.

Julie said...

Looks like everyone had a great time! I am not sure I am quite ready to brave camping with a 1 year old.

Ashley said...

I love it!! I took Ranger tent camping when he was 5 months old and he loved it, but we have yet to go back. I want to go before #2 comes. You look great. I'm envious that you look so obviously pregnant! People never ask me about the baby and I'm ready to talk about it.

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