Thursday, May 10, 2007

Our far

It is only 9:30am and already we have had a very active morning. Here are some snapshots of our fun so far.
Nora decided to give herself a "banana facial" this morning during breakfast. I don't know if the look is a good one for her.
It has been raining every day this week and we have not had any outside time. Nora was standing by the back door crying to go out. Well, it wasn't raining this morning, so I gave in and out we went. The grass is soaking wet and she didn't like getting her little feet in that. But, then she discovered her table...all covered with water.

She had so much fun playing in the water that half-way through, we had to have a "wardrobe" change. I think she could have stayed outside forever, but I was a little cold because she thought it was funny to pour some of the water on me. Now we are back inside and looking for more excitement. This day might wear me out before it ever really even gets started :).


Julie said...

Sounds like fun! She looks cute in her diaper!

Sara said...

Hope you survived. Your morning sounds like my afternoon...long!!!

Nate, Maurine, & Hannah said...

Hi- You don't know me- but I found your blog through Suz's- Did you go to Harding? Sometimes I like to see who else is out there blogging. I totally know what you mean with the funk! I had it too- it was so nice here in St. Louis, Then rained for what seemed like a week straight- I was feeling depressed and just blah- totally in a funk! Now the weather has warmed up again and we are out and about. I have a daughter too- Hannah- Just nice to know there are other moms out there in the world feeling the same way I do. Congrats on your pregnancy- I think it is really neat you and Suz are only 2 days apart on your due dates, I bet it gives you a unique perspective. Enough ramblings from someone you don't even know. If you want come on over and check out our blog sometime. : ) Maurine

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