Friday, June 29, 2007

Matthew and Texas

First off, I miss my husband! He is in Tennessee right now...selling fireworks. I would like to quote him, "This is miserable work! I am never doing this again. I think we have both learned from this that it is more important to spend time with each other than it is to make money." Amen to that! Poor guy! He is in a place where he knows practically no one, sleeping in a fireworks tent (that doubles as a sauna) every night, rarely showering (nice for the customers, I'm sure), and missing his girls. If you are near Gallatan, TN, please go to his tent. You don't even have to buy fireworks...just sit and talk to him or offer to run the place for a few minutes so he can run to the bathroom. We get to see him again next Friday...only 7 days left!

Nora and I are in Texas...or as they like to call it here, the tropical rain forest. I have never seen so much rain!!!! It is crazy weather! Thankfully, this morning it held off so that Nora could have her first swim lesson. It was a DISASTER! As soon as the teacher put her under water, Nora couldn't quit screaming. I know, I know, a little soon with the swim lessons, but the goal is just to get her used to the water and going under. We go again tomorrow, hopefully she was not traumatized by today! After her lesson, we stuck around for a few more hours and she played in the kiddie pool, which she LOVED!

We are having a great time (total contrast to Matthew's "vacation") with my family! It is so nice to come here and get pampered and have tons of extra help with Nora.

I hope everyone else is blogging world is staying dry.


Sara said...

Poor Matthew..that does sound miserable. Hope the week passes by quickly for him.

Glad you are having fun in TX!

parks said...

David tried to find Matthew's tent yesterday in Gallatin. Do you have his phone number or exact location?
Our email is
Enjoy Texas!

Amy said...

I'm so glad you found my blog. Your little girl is beautiful.

I'm really glad to see you're doing so well and enjoying motherhood.

Ashley said...

Hey. Call me if you get a chance. We are here for a couple of days and then off to Tulsa.

Julie said...

Hey, heard about Nora's first swim lesson from your mom. Poor girl! Well, we will see you for lunch tomorrow and will be hitting the pool with y'all on Tuesday.

Amy said...

I know, this weather is crazy here. I love it, though. It's rare to have green grass in Texas in July. I'm so glad you are getting some quality time with your family. Tell Marty we still want her to come visit Southside someday:).

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