Monday, July 09, 2007

Human for Sale

This is ridiculous! I thought I was priceless!
I am worth $2,218,870 on
How much are you worth?


Kristen said...

This was fun!

My dollar amount was $2,245,000 even...

Thanks for posting this.

Julie said...

Where do you find this stuff? There were a few questions I couldn't answer (I.Q.). I am only worth $2,198,200. You got me beat by a little. Apparantly my height played a factor:)

Julie said...

Okay, I took the I.Q test and did it again. I am now worth $2,385,040. Can you believe no money was given for being a homemaker?!

Anonymous said...

I am worth 2,481 and some change. How has your summer been? I'm taking the socioculture class right now. I've survived reading camp...almmsot done!

Karen W.

AmyB said...

Hey! I am so glad that you get to go to the beach! It has really been fun...slightly interesting with a baby but he LOVES eating sand. Desiree assures me this is okay. :) We have to leave today...sad...but I am thankful for the time. I think Isaac looks a little like me too. He does look like Andrew also...our kids are such a mix! I hope you are feeling well and not too hot!

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