Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Photo update of our trip so far...

The first night we arrived in town, we were able to have dinner with our friends, Alex, Brooke, and Taylor Hale. It was so good to see them. We used to be in a home Bible study with them before the up and moved to Texas. I had high hopes for Nora and Taylor rooming at Harding one day together.

We have both had pedicures since we have been here. Nora slept through mine, but woke up when it was her turn...smart girl!
She enjoyed a fun filled evening at Chuck E. Cheese (her first visit). At first she wasn't too sure about the rides, but by the time we were ready to go, she was fearless!
Swimming lessons! First day...disaster; second day...a little better, she lasted the whole time; today...she is a fish! She is loving the lessons and already blowing bubbles and splashing like a pro. Watch out Olympics :).
"Cousins" luncheon. My mom had a lunch Monday for the girls in the family. As you can tell by the picture above, we are adding lots of babies to the family in a short period of time. This Christmas there will be 5 little ones running (or laying) around. And I am sure, there are many more to come!
Is this my near future? Nora is all smiles for this picture, but she was acting very jealous when I was holding baby Colton...it should be interesting in October!
It has been a great visit so far! We have been able to be at the pool in the mornings before the rain comes in the afternoon. Tomorrow we are hoping to go to the pool again and then see some fireworks tomorrow night. Hopefully the rain will head to California (they are having a drought). We are happy to be in Texas but SOOOOOO ready to head back home and see Matthew!!!!! Only 3 more days!
Happy 4th of July!


Julie said...

Those pictures turned out cute! Looking forward to the pool today!

Suzanne said...

great pics! glad you are having fun in Texas! (despite the constant state of RAIN that we have been in for months! crazy!) come see me! (only if the weather is cooperative)

Amy said...

Thanks for the sweet note you left on our blog. Success stories are so encouraging!
That Nora is too cute! Love the swimsuit.

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