Monday, August 13, 2007

Back to the grindstone!

Well, it was a fantastic summer for the Henderson's! Today, however, it all ended. Matthew actually had to set his alarm this morning (that didn't happen a lot around here the past few months). He started back to school with Teacher Inservice meetings. His students come next has officially started again!

We had a great summer, enjoying our little family of 3. We did a ton of traveling and I declared to Matthew Saturday, on our way back from the beach, that I was done traveling until this baby is born! My feet are starting to swell, I can't breathe very well, and finding a comfortable position to sit in is nearly impossible.

I went to the doctor today and everything is looking great. I'm at the point in my pregnancy where I no longer know how much I weigh. My belly hits the scale, so I have to turn around to be weighed and I don't ask the nurse what the magic number is either. It is good to be at this stage! I did catch a little cold on our trip and my doctor put me on a medication so I don't get pneumonia! Nice.

The baby is still measuring ahead of schedule (just a week) and my c-section date is still scheduled for October 1st. Hopefully we will make it to that date! Nora was 10 days early and if I make it to the first of Oct. that will be 6 days before my due date.

I start teaching my graduate class again next week. I am planning on taking 2 weeks off when the baby arrives. I know, not much time, but really, it's just for 2 hours one night a week. I think I'll be okay. I just have to sit there and talk. In a room full of women, I am sure that I will get a little sympathy and understanding!

I have uploaded most of our beach pictures. I still have some to get from our friends who traveled with us (the Browns). We loved Orange Beach, but it was HOT. The water wasn't the greatest either...lots of seaweed and jelly fish. Oh well, at least we were at the beach! The condo we stayed at had a great pool and Nora spent a lot of time splashing in it. Below are a few pics. For those who want to see the rest, click here.

Playing in the sand with her daddy...a definite favorite!

Another fave...playing in the baby pool filled up with ocean water.

This girl LOVES her corn on the cob!

Nora with her favorite boys...Ethan, Griffin, and Tyson


Julie said...

The beach pics were so cute! Nora is a little bronzed beauty! You looked great too! Y'all make such a cute family.

Desiree said...

I love your pics, you look great. Nora is so beautiful (and tan). This was our first visit to Orange Beach and we loved it too. We liked it better than Destin b/c of the small crowds. Glad to hear you are feeling good!

Sara said...

Great family pics on the beach. You all look so tan and healthy! I love beach vacations. Good luck getting back in the groove of a schedule.

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