Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Today I walked into Nora's room and she had taken all of the diapers out of her dresser (we have one of those changing table/dresser combo things where all the diapers fit in the side drawer).

First of all, I wasn't completely aware that she could open the drawer herself...surprise number one.

Secondly, she has been letting us know that she has a dirty diaper by coming up to us and saying "Yuck!". So, when I went in her room and saw her pulling out the diapers, she looked at me and said "yuck"...surprise number two.

I'm assuming this is one of the first signs of potty training?????? I don't know! All I know is that I am not ready to begin that process! She will be 18 months old next week (I can't believe time is flying by so quickly!) and we are about to welcome a new baby in our midst. I don't think she knows that she is about to go to potty, but she definitely knows when the "deed has been done".

Sigh...she is growing up so fast!


Julie said...

I am definitely not ready to even think about potty training! They say your child will let you know when they are ready. I guess we just have to figure out when they are telling us:)

Sara said...

You could always buy a potty to see if she is interested. I just got Laura potty trained at the ripe old age of 3.

My pediatrician's advice was if you try early, you'll be frustrated for a long time. Or try a few weeks before they turn three and enjoy that it will take less time. I took his advice!!

Ashley said...

Ranger says "Shooey!". We are nowhere near pt-ing though. I love the hats you made for the quads, btw!

Brad, Amy & Sadie said...

Sadie has had her own potty since just after age 1 (BabyCenter had a sale w/free shipping). It has always been around, but we have not pushed anything, just talked about it, and she would sit on it fully clothed and talk about pottying.

I recently moved it out of "her" bathroom and put it in her room where she plays the most. Two nights ago, she woke up in the middle of the night, took off her diaper, folded it neatly in her crib, stood up, and pee-peed...

Tonight, she pee-peed in her potty, all by herself, without us even knowing, until she made her proud announcement! (She was running around naked just before her bath.) So, we have officially started the true training at 25 months old.

I recommend just buying one and putting it in her room. She'll let you know when she is ready.


Supabloggasuprememama said...

ha! Aiden is two, and I'm still not ready to begin that process!

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