Thursday, September 27, 2007

Update and pics from the shower

Well, I am calling my doctor this morning about my feet. It is getting a tad ridiculous!!!!! I had so many people comment about how awful they looked last night at church. I have been telling everyone that I am borrowing them from an elephant for the next few days.

Who knows what the doc will say...stay off of them (yeah, right). I love the well-meaning people who really think that is even an option. Have they ever been around a 19 month old before? I mean, I don't have to entertain her 24/7 (thank goodness!), she is perfectly capable of playing by herself. BUT, she can't prepare her food herself, she is not skilled enough to fill her cups up with water/milk, she can't quite change her diaper or put her clothes on without assistance, you know, little things like that. I know, I know, what have I been teaching her?

Here are some pics from my surprise shower on Saturday. Thank you to all of my friends for making it such a special day for me!

I'll update later on about my call to the doctor and pass on what his advice is :).


The Pork Princess. said...
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The Pork Princess. said...

Hey girl! I saw your feet last night and they didn't look "that bad".

Sometimes you gotta wonder if these medical people really think before they speak. Ha!

Let me know if you you need anything!

Krista Shy

Cassie said...

Hang in there! I am suppose to let you know that Ryan and Paula had Baby Jack last Friday. She had been placed on bed rest due to early labor. Then went a week without anything. Last Friday she went in for a checkup and the Dr. said "He is ready." He is very cute. I heard you guys were having a competition as to who would deliver first.
Thanks for your sweet comments about HA and Miss Penny. Anna is loving school and loves Miss Penny. I cannot say enough about how she has made this transition easy for us and Anna. It is good to hear so many good things about your child's teacher.

Julie said...

How great to get all of those diapers! You look great!

Sara said...

What special friends you have! Looks like you had fun and got lots of wonderful items. Hope the feet get better!!!

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