Thursday, September 27, 2007

Update from this morning

I did go see the doctor today. I called at 8am and his nurse called back at 9am...pretty good, I thought.

When I went in, they did the "normal" check and nothing had changed. He looked at my legs and feet and advised me to "stay off of your feet, lay on your side as much as you can throughout the day." Well, I started crying at that point. I reminded him that I had a small child at home and that was nearly impossible. He backed off.

He has been concerned all along about how large I am measuring and suggested an ultrasound to see how big the baby was. He felt that I could just have a tremendous amount of fluid and it was pressing on my nerves in my legs and causing the numbing and swelling.

So, off to the ultrasound room I went. The baby is a perfect size (not too big like this infant) so there in no worry of delivering a giant. The problem is the fluid. Apparently, my fluid levels are near the very top of normal. I guess I could start floating pretty soon. It was amazing to see the baby again, so close to delivery!!!!

My doctor did tell me that if my legs continue hurting and the swelling continues that he would deliver the baby tomorrow. The decision is up to me (and Matthew) though. I really needed him to tell me what to do :). So far, we have decided to wait until the original day-Monday.

So, that's it. I'm full of liquid and my baby is fine.


Sara said...

Hang in there!!! Only 3 more days...I know that is easier for me to say. Atleast the weekend is coming up, so Matthew will be home.

Look forward to finding out if the baby is a he or she.

Jenn said...

You can do it...I was the same way with Grace (except my feet didn't swell, I was just HUGE!!!) and when they broke my water the dr. couldn't believe how much fluid that there was...I of course, sitting in the bed and was completely soaked and had no idea that I had shrunken so condsiderbly...Grace must have literally been swimming for the last few months she was there!!! Can't wait for your baby's special day!!

Desiree said...

hope you can get some good rest this weekend. can't wait to see pics!!

Julie said...

Hang in there! It's almost over!

Brittney said...

Good luck on Monday. I had some major swollen feet when i was pregnant with Jillian...but they finally did get back to normal...even though I was afraid they wouldn't! I think it is a boy too BTW!

Brittney (Allison) Patterson

Stephanie said...

Hi Dallas...I don't know if you know me or not but I remember you from Harding. I've been a blog stalker and I'm just now leaving you a post! :)

First of all, I completely sympathize with you. I was VERY swollen when I was pregnant with my daughter. Those comments of your feet looking awful get old, don't they? Even my doctor said I was the most swollen pregnant woman she had ever seen! I know it must be difficult to be off your feet with a toddler but try your best to do it every chance you get, avoid salty foods and most importantly, try to avoid any kind of stress. Stress can shoot your blood pressure off the charts since you're swollen.

Hang in there, it's just about over. Be sure and have your picture taken with the baby soon after the birth and take another 12 hours later. You will be amazed how much the swelling will go down during that period of time! I look forward to seeing pics of your new baby.

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