Saturday, October 06, 2007

A few days at home

We have been home for a few days and I am starting to imagine life with two little girls. I am overwhelmed, emotionally, though. I remember crying like crazy after Nora was born...crying for no reason at all, over nothing at all. It has started again. I guess when you deliver a baby, your tear ducts open wide and there is no stopping them. My sweet, sweet husband is wonderful through all of my craziness. I definitely couldn't make it without him! For those of you worried about my state of sanity-don't. I'm sure I'll be fine in a few more days (or weeks) and I am not too scared to tell my doctor that I need some medicinal help (come on Tom Cruise, what do you have to say about that?). But, mostly I think right now, I am just having a surge of hormones.

Elyn is sleeping better. Of course, I type this and who knows what tonight could bring. She seems to have a crying time of about an hour and a half at nights, but that is so much better than it was our first night home when it felt like it was ALL NIGHT LONG. I can handle an hour and a half. She sleeps all day long, but shows us her pretty eyes occasionally.

Nora is doing a great job at being a big sister! She love the "baby" (we are working on her getting to say Elyn) and wants to kiss her all the time. It's sweet! She is also doing a great job of staying asleep at night while Elyn is crying. That has been helpful for mommy and daddy! I miss picking her up!!!!! That is a major downfall of a c-section-no "heavy" lifting, and my 24 pound kid is considered heavy. We do a lot of hugging with me getting down on the floor, on her level.

Tomorrow is Matthew's birthday! Happy birthday honey, you are the most amazing man! God has blessed me beyond measure with you!

Here are some pictures to end this post:
My sister and mom with Nora and Elyn...they were a huge help while they were here!
Nora really wanted Elyn to be on the ottoman and then insisted on laying down right beside her. Sweet sister time.
Elyn after her first bath at home, not too happy about it!
Elyn and Uncle Aaron (Matthew's brother)
Elyn and Gram (Matthew's mom)
Elyn and her great-grandmother (Matthew's grandmother). This the lady that Nora was named after.
Nora kissing Elyn...she is such a wonderful big sister!

Elyn Ann Henderson (I don't think I ever posted her middle name)


aprillong said...

Dallas, all these pictures are so wonderful! I love seeing all the generations. I really think Elyn looks alot like Aaron. She is really cute. (Perhaps it's just the dark hair...) :) Thanks for sharing all the photos. Tell Matthew hey from David. He's enjoying the pics, too.

Ashley said...

So precious. Thanks for giving up some of your very little time to post pictures! I hope Ranger does as well as Nora has.

Julie said...

That's sweet that you named Elyn's middle name after her wonderful cousin:) Just kidding! It's so cute to see Nora with Elyn! Your mom said they had a great time with y'all! Can't wait to see your new addition and her big sis!

Sara said...

I love the pic of Nora kissing very sweet. I can imagine being emotionally overwhelmed with our baby arrives in March. And I also remember crying tons after Laura was born, but thank goodness, it did all even out. It'll happen and I'm sure you'll get into a groove. Hang in there!

Praying for you!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Dallas!! Elyn is beautiful! And you looked GREAT at the hospital... are you sure you really had a baby, because you don't look like it! :) Love the pictures of Nora, too, she's a doll! Keeping you all in our prayers. Love, Chandry

Jenn said...

Oh, I love all the pics! Elyn is just beautiful, just like the rest of the family. Nora is being a great big sister, already!! How super!!! Pretty soon the tears will be gone, the c-section will be healed and you will be carrying around both of your babies at the same time wondering what it was like when it was just Nora and can't remember!! :) Elyn Ann's name is wonderful. I really do love it! So thankful that you have had lots of loved ones to hold Nora and Elyn while you recover. Keep getting your rest and you will be picking up Nora again before you know it!
Happy Birthday to we are all old together!! :)

Katy Seifritz said...

Congratulations Dallas & family! They both are so cute together, how fun! I hope all is well.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

those pics of Norah and Elyn are just precious. I am so glad you have such a great fam to help you through the hard times of adjusting. You will have to give me all the advice you have to give once you have had time to breathe! hang in have every right to be emotional. I don't think mine went away until I had some meds! ;)

Deborah said...

What a little beauty! Nora looks so sweet kissing her "baby". I remember when I brought Caleb home, Joshua looked enormous to me.

Let the tears flow, girl! There is nothing wrong with a good hormonal cry.

Jamie Chitty said...

She is beautiful!! Congratulations!!! I can't get over the dark hair. I love her name, it goes well with Nora. I can't wait to see her grow!!

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