Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Seriously, I love it! Here are the reasons why:

  • 1. I don't have to throw Nora in the bathtub, let her play for 20 seconds, then yank her out, rip a comb through her hair, jam some pajamas on her, brush her teeth while trying to salvage some of her gums, speed read through her books and prayer, toss her into bed with quick kiss to the air to make it to the viewing of my favorite show.
  • 2. When Nora wakes up from her afternoon nap (oh, how I miss those morning naps!) I simply have to push a few buttons on the remote and, voila, she has The Backyardigans, Barney, or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to entertain her for a few minutes so I don't have to. (Those of you who are judging me for the last few words typed before the parentheses, don't, you know you do the same thing and thank God each day for animation.)
  • 3. We don't have to jump in the car as soon as the last Amen is said at home Bible study to make it back for my all-time favorite reality show. Although, I am a little disturbed by the couples that were chosen to represent this time. The goth couple is super weird, I am really glad the lesbian ministers were so slow last week and were eliminated, and the Asian dad really needs to give his daughter a break. I guess I'll have to audition for the next season so that someone "normal" is on :).
  • 4. Middle of the night nursing. Really that is all that needs to be said, but I will elaborate (of course I will). I have been DVRing Oprah everyday and watching it around 4am. Sometimes though, I just delete it before even watching it. She is so liberal! It really drives me nuts how she thinks she knows everything. I guess when you have as much money as she does, you can pretend to know everything and whoever your guest is for the day will wholeheartedly agree with you.
  • 5. The rewind/pause button. Not so much my favorite aspect of DVR, but my husband would probably put this at the top of his list. These buttons are used quite frequently when a sporting event (of any kind) is on the tube.

So, there you have it...the reasons for my love affair with my digital video recorder (is that even what DVR stands for?). If you don't know how wonderful this piece of technology is, go get it. Maybe Santa will bring it to you if you put it on your list.


Nicola and James said...

I am quite certain that if we had a DVR, conversations with my husband would become obsolete. And I'm glad to hear that you watch TV during middle of the night feedings too. Although they usually ended up lasting a lot longer than necessary, since I would watch 90210 reruns.

Brittney said...

I totally agree! When I was nursing Jillian, I became a TIVO master! I am pretty sure I could compete in competitions! It really saves me during those late night feedings. I got myself hooked to old 90210 episodes!

Sara said...

I am also a HUGE DVR fan. Fast forwarding thru commercials is the best time saver. And on nights like tonight, there are 3 shows I like to watch, so I DVR one and save it for Fri night.

The Office is also one of our favorites! I agree with you about Oprah..I hardly watch her anymore b/c of the same reasons.

Julie said...

totally agree! we have tivo and i watch my shows while bailey naps. we tivoed like 5 shows tonight since we were at your mom's house. i also use the disney channel for a great distration while i get a shower or unload the dishwasher. shame on those who judge us!

Deborah said...

I hear you! We didn't get a DVR until a couple of years ago, so when mine were babies, I caught up on all my "missed episodes" of Gilligan's Island for my middle-of-the-night feedings.

Now that we have the DVR, it is our favorite luxury. I would even cut back on our grocery money to keep the DVR if I had to. Just don't tell Pat I said that...

Whitney said...

I love my DVR too- and know I am going to love it even more once this little one is born! How did we ever live without this???

Ashley said...

I'm old school/poor house and don't have dvr but I still have the luxury of watching "The Office" at 4am while nursing since has the whole episode online! Go Jim and Pam :) Also, I have episodes of the Backyardigans and Sesame Street on my video IPOD that Ranger can watch on the TV. Technology rocks!

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