Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A lot of firsts


So much has been going on since last Thursday. Since I have been using blogging as a "baby book" of sorts, I am going to attempt to write everything down. I apologize ahead of time if you are not a family member and choose to read. I warned you!

Nora, Elyn, and I went to Texas last Thursday. We FLEW to Texas! I am officially insane to be flying with a newborn and a toddler. To say I was nervous about it would be an understatement, I had no idea what could happen. Thankfully, it was nice and easy! Several people took pity on me and offered to lend a hand. I am sure they were a little taken back when I would look at them and shout, "YES! Oh, thank you!!!!! Could you carry her (Nora) on/off the plane for me????" Little Miss Social was not worried at all when complete strangers (all women by the way, not a single man offered to help!) would pick her up and cart her around. We'll teach her to avoid strangers later.

Here we are on the plane. Nora is watching Barney (her absolute favorite...he's getting annoying so I'm ready for her to love someone different) with her pacifier. It was a special day...she usually doesn't get any paci-loving until she in bed. I was hoping the paci would keep her quiet and keep her ears from hurting. Notice Elyn in the baby carrier. That is where she stayed the entire time...sound asleep!

Thursday night was a family dinner at my mom's house. It was so good to see everyone and Elyn got plenty of lovin'. This was her first time to meet everyone.

We tried to get a "great-grandchild" picture that night too. There are 5 great-grandkids. The ages are: 5 years, 21 months, 18 months, 6 months, and 7 weeks. Before you even see the pictures, I'm sure you can imagine how the "photo shoot" turned out. It was hysterical!

The best picture

What the rest of the pictures look like...Elyn is the only one not moving or crying-what a good baby.

Friday I got my hair cut (2 1/2 inches shorter!) and we hit a major sale at Macy's. Most everything was 50% off, then 40% off of that, and finally, an additional 20% was taken off! The girls are set for the fall and winter. They got some really cute Christmas dresses too.

Saturday was busy! My sister and I took the girls to Weatherford to visit my friend Julie. Julie and I met in 7th grade band. I still laugh when I think about us in band. At our middle school, every child had to have a fine arts elective. The choices were band, drama, or choir. When I registered for school, the only openings were in band. So, I chose the drums. (I am literally sitting here laughing...me, play the drums, hilarious! I wasn't any good.) Anyway, that was the last year Julie and I were in band. But, we were best friends all through middle school and high school.

Julie has two adorable boys and Nora had a blast playing with Tate. Elyn and Grant weren't really all that excited about playing.

Elyn, Julie, Tate, Nora, Me, and Grant

Tate rode Nora around on his tractor. She loved this!

Tate taught Nora how to jump in the leaves, her first time. He was a great teacher!
I wanted to get a picture of all four kids...you can see how well it turned out

After visiting with Julie and her boys, we headed to Pizza Place for lunch. Pizza Place is where Marty and I both worked while were in high school. Roger Grizzard, the owner, was also our economics teacher in high school. He is also our friend and we love to see him whenever we go back to Weatherford.

Saturday, after Nora's nap, we went to the nursing home to see my Uncle Raymond. Nora loved riding around in the wheelchair.

Uncle Raymond, me, Elyn, and Nora

Saturday night we went to the circus!!!!!! The Shrine Circus is the circus that I used to go to as a little girl. My grandfather was a shriner and we went every year to see him and all the fun acts. I was so excited that Nora and Elyn were going to get to go also. I'm sure they won't remember a thing about the circus (obviously Elyn will remember nothing), but we have pictures to prove they were there. My uncle is a shriner and he got us some fantastic seats. Thanks Uncle Bill!

Me and Nora with Uncle Bill (notice his hat (called a fez) )

Nora in her fez, waving at the performers

Elyn in her fez, wondering what all the commotion is about

Bo the elephant was my favorite thing about the circus

Sunday we went and ate brunch and then headed to the airport. I was just as nervous about flying back home. Just because flight #1 had gone smoothly did not mean that flight #2 would be the same. Thankfully though, it was a good flight. Nora had a bit of a meltdown the last few minutes of the flight, but she was exhausted. We were so happy to see Matthew again!

Headed home!
Sunday night we had our annual Thanksgiving dinner with our small group from church. We love our small group and the family they have become to us. We are truly thankful for them and their friendships!!!

Later that evening, Nora got sick. She threw up about 4 times and had a low grade fever. Why is it that when little kids throw up, you never expect it? She was sitting there, talking to me and Matthew, and all of a sudden...vomit everywhere! I must say that I am glad that Matthew was holding her at the time, sorry honey! She was pitiful all night long and the adults in the house got very little sleep. Monday, though, she was back to her old self.
I took Elyn to the doctor today for her 2 month check-up (even though she is only 7 weeks old...I don't know, I didn't make the appointment, they made it for me while we were still in the hospital). She weighs 10 pounds 1 ounce and is 23 inches long. She is in the 45th percentile for weight and 75th percentile in height. She is gaining way more weight that Nora ever did and is considerably longer than Nora was at the same age. I just think she is getting more to eat. I am more relaxed this time and the nursing is going better. The doctor says she is perfect! Of course. She got her first shots too. She was asleep when they gave them to her. She cried for about 30 seconds and then went right back to sleep. I am hoping that she does not have a fever tonight because of them!
Last week, Nora found some markers in a drawer. Well, I set her up at the table and let her color with them. She loved it and did a pretty good job. She needed help getting the lids on and off though. She got done coloring and went to play with her other toys. It was pretty quiet for a while, so I went to see what was going on. This is what I found...I guess she figured out the cap thing herself.

No, that's not a mole on the side of her face, it's marker
There are a lot more pictures on our flickr account. If you have stayed with me this long, way to go! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!!!


Supabloggasuprememama said...

you are TOTALLY insane! glad you guys had a great trip. how very brave of you! Norah looks like such a great big sis! such sweet pics...ps do you have any good recommendations for a sling vs. double stroller, or both? crazy long question, I know, but I was wondering what a now experienced mommy of two may recommend??

Dallas said...

Ashley, I am going to email you a response...too long for the comments section :).

Laura said...

You are so brave! I am glad everything went so smoothly. It looks like y'all had a wonderful trip. We're out of school today, so I'm at home cooking up a storm! :)

Sara said...

Wow..flying with two kids. I am sure I'll be doing that as well in the near future.

Sandi said...

Way to go, Dallas -- that was a big trip and now you know you can do it!!!

I love the new haircut -- super cute!

Whitney said...

What a fun trip! I cannot believe you traveled ON A PLANE with a newborn & a toddler- you are a VERY brave woman! :) Did I tell you that I know Julie? We went to church together at Westover Hills in Austin- such a sweetie!

Ashley said...

Man! I can't believe you did that much while you were in Texas! Did you just nurse everywhere you were? I went to Tulsa and it seems like I hardly got out due to Lucy's feeding schedule! I'm glad the flight went well. I'm pondering attempting to do that someday to Tulsa. It's great that your girls are doing so well!

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