Thursday, November 08, 2007

Thank you

Just a quick update on my little bitty baby. She is doing much better! Thank you to everyone for the advice and help! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who has to deal with a fussy baby.

Elyn still has her "moments", but they are ending much sooner and are not as frequent.

I have been reading "Healthy Sleeping Habits, Happy Child". It reminded me that I am not allowing her to nap nearly as much as she should. Even though Nora and Elyn are only 19 months apart, there are several things that I forgot. Re-reading the book has helped me remember. I think her demeanor has become better, in part, because she is sleeping more.

Speaking of sleeping, I fed her last night at 10:30pm and she did not wake up to eat again until 4:30 am!!!!!!! I was shocked when I looked at the clock! I was also in quite a bit of pain (nursing moms, you know exactly what I am talking about). I felt refreshed, like I had slept for 12 hours.

I have some cute pictures to post, but Nora just woke up from her nap, so I need to end this. Again, thank you for the encouragement! It has really helped!


Nicola and James said...

That book is the best sleeping guide ever! I was feeling like all I was doing with Maggie was feeding her and putting her down, but she started sleeping through the night after about 3 days. It's wonderful! Good luck with Elyn!

Jenn said...

Sleep, sleep, sleep!! And I mean, YOU!! I love the rule about when the baby sleeps the mama sleeps. I think it is a must....can I do it when my kids are in school, though? :) Parker takes a 3 hour nap mid-day and I am convinced that is why he has such a great disposition. Go Naps!!!

Ashley said...

I know, girl! I did similar with the diaper changes. I was changing Lucy and Ranger at the same time, about 6 hours apart, and realized that Lucy had about 4 diapers full in her little diaper. I forgot you have to change their diapers like 100 times a day! We don't think 2 years is that different but boy, is it!!

Marty Rhea Hill said...

Oh, how I can't wait to see you girls.

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