Monday, November 12, 2007

Trip to Searcy

Elyn took her first road trip last weekend. We went to Searcy to see Matthew's grandparents. (Nora took the same trip when she was 9 days old! It was to celebrate Matthew's grandparents 65 wedding anniversary.)

Matthew's grandparents just moved into an assisted living place. Papa is 92 years old and Grandma is 86 (I think). They lived in the same house in Searcy for almost 30 years and recently decided it was time for them to let someone else do all the work for them.

They are living at River Oaks Village. It is super nice! Everything is brand-new. So new, in fact, that only 5 of the rooms are being used. I think Grandma said there is space for 40 residents. Papa is the only male so far.

We arrived Friday night around 10pm (our goal was 8pm...who were we kidding?) and went to Matthew's Uncle John's house. His Uncle John lives in a big house...very nice when you have an infant and don't want everyone to wake up in the middle of the night when she does. Nora enjoyed playing outside Saturday morning before we went to see Papa and Grandma.

We spent the day with P and G. They loved getting to see Nora and Elyn. Elyn spent the entire day sound asleep. She wasn't very social. Her sister, however, was into everything! She spent a lot of time running up and down the halls, burning off energy. We did venture out to the park after lunch and that seemed to release some of her energy as well.

We really enjoyed our visit and hope to visit again soon...enjoy the pictures!
It's late Elyn, go to sleep!
Playing outside at Uncle John's house
Grandma and Elyn (Grandma and Elyn share a name-"Ann")
Papa and Elyn
This is what she did all day long-sleep!

Nora modeling the hat and shrug that Grandma knitted for her


Ashley said...

So cute! I love the pics of Nora in the leaves. She is precious! I can't believe how big Elyn is. She looks like such a big and healthy baby girl. Lucy has grown a ton, too. I'm glad Matthew's grandparents got to see Baby Elyn. My 3 grandparents will meet Lucy at Thanksgiving.

Julie said...

Cute pictures! Grandma and Papa look a lot younger than they are! Glad y'all had a good visit. These girls are expert travelers! See you Thursday!

Kimberly said...

I love Elyn's sweet baby nay outfit! I'm impressed with a road trip with 2 already!

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