Thursday, January 17, 2008

All about pictures

Okay, thanks for the encouragement from my last post. Although she still thinks everything is yellow, I have decided to let it go. My pediatrician sister-in-law told me that knowing colors is a 4 year old skill...who knew?

And now on to the pictures:
Wheee...higher, daddy
She had been crying for about 30 minutes by the time I took this picture. Do you see the 3 TINY green beans on her tray? Well, she refused to eat them and I refused to give in. It was a battle of the wills. After 45 minutes of crying I knew it was pointless to continue, so she won the battle. But, I will win the war!
Nora's new thing is to have her baby dolls eat with her. They all could stand a good washing from the food that falls on them during meals. Poor babies!

Hot food much fun! If we had one at our house I am sure we would completely forget that we had children. But, I still want one! Nora loves her new highchair for her babies!

This post has definite theme of food :). Enjoy the pictures and eat well.

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Amy said...

Very cute photos! We also fell in love with friends' Wii. And I usually HATE video games.
And absolutely don't worry about the colors. I've learned a little too much about developmental milestones lately. Around 2, children should be able to sort things by color (like put all the red bears in one cup and all the blue bears in another cup). There are lots of sorting by color toys available if you're interested. But she sounds developmentally perfect to me. Count your blessings!

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