Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Let the worrying begin

Okay, technically, I suppose the worrying began the day I found out I was pregnant with Nora. I worried about her delivery, each time she has been sick, when she falls down, etc., etc., etc.

Lately I have had a totally different kind of worry...an academic worry. I know it's silly, she is not even 2 yet, but I'm worried.

Why do we compare our kids to others? I mean, I want her to be an individual, her own person, so why do I feel it is necessary to compare her "smarts" to others in her peer group. When she wasn't walking as quickly as her friends, I worried. When she still had a pacifier during the day and all her friends had gotten rid of theirs, I worried. And now, I worry because some of her friends know something that she doesn't:

She doesn't know her colors.

There, I've admitted her big flaw over the Internet. My little girl does not know her colors!!!!!

I know this is a ridiculous thing to worry about. But, it's my irrational worry, so in my mind, I'm completely justified.

When Matthew or I ask her, "Nora, what color is that?" Her response, 100% of the time, is "yellow". Now, if we happen to be pointing to something that is yellow, it's great, but we are not always pointing to yellow objects. No matter what color it is, her answer is yellow.

I really have worked with her but she just doesn't get it. Am I a failure as a mother? No. I am not! My kid just isn't on the fast track with colors. I have worked with her, Matthew has worked with her, Mickey Mouse and his clubhouse of friends have worked with her. She just hasn't gotten it.

As a teacher, I have seen many "lightbulb" moments. They are memorable because usually I, as the teacher, had done everything to make the kid understand the concept we were working on. When he or she finally got it, it was priceless. I never knew who was more excited, me or the student. I'm hoping for a lightbulb moment before kindergarten with Nora.

Until then, yellow is a favorite color in our house. Even if it really is green (or blue, or red, or purple).
Oh, she does a pretty good job counting to ten.

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Sara said...

If it makes you feel any better, Laura was a late bloomer in knowing her colors. It was probably a few months before she turned three that she had her "lightbulb" moment! I even asked the Dr. at her 2 year check up if it is possible that she could be color blind! HA!

Counting to ten is an exceptional skill to have mastered at her young age!

Deborah said...

It is so hard not to compare! I have struggled with that from day one with Joshua. Once Caleb came along, I was able to compare them and realize how different two children can be--and they came from exactly the same parents! Joshua has done some things earlier than Caleb did, yet Caleb has excelled in things that were difficult for Joshua.

If it makes you feel any better, when I taught kindergarten, I had several children that didn't know more than a few colors. Just think how far ahead Nora will be because she has a mommy that actually works with her! You're a great Mommy, and you're very normal to worry about the little things.

Julie said...

I compare too! bailey doesn't know his colors either. He knows about 13 letters, but has no interest in colors. AND, there are many things Nora can say/do that Bailey can't yet. Every child can do some things their friends can't and some things their friend can do that they can't.

Ashley said...

Ranger is 3 months older than Nora, and he doesn't count or know his colors. We have been working on it forever! I wouldn't sweat it!
BTW, his only color was "yellow" for the longest time, and every animal was "duck". I took him to a shower when he was 18 m old. He pointed to a present with rubber ducky paper and said "duck." someone asked him what color it was and he said, "yellow". They all thought he was a genius and I didn't tell them any different.

Whitney said...

Does it surprise you that we compare our children to other children when we are constantly comparing ourselves to others? It's a part of our society- and it stinks! As for Nora not knowing her colors yet, who cares! There are probably a lot of other things that she can do that others her age cannot! :) God blessed you with a precious little girl, well two of them actually!

Jenn said...

We LOVE yellow!! I honestly gave up on comparing myself and my children a while ago...I mean, really, I live in Ft. Worth, Texas, the land of beautiful women and great big hair....I don't fit in either one of those categories, but I sure do love living here!!!
I'm so thankful that your girls have a sweet and thoughtful mommy that will help them with whatever they need....until then, yellow crayons, anyone? :) Tell Matthew to do great with his classes!! (and of course, you too, Dallas!!)

Cassie said...

I think this a struggle that every parent deals with. Ours right now is that Anna is a little hyperactive/daredevil compared to other little girls who will sit and color all day. Oh..... I can see the "notes" home from K already. However, I love her spunky spirit!
Hang in there and counting to 10 is a great accomplishment! We will be waiting for the lightbulb moment!

Brad, Amy & Sadie said...

Sadie was the same way - every color was yellow. So, in public, of course, I would only point out yellow things and ask her what color it was - "She's a genius!!!" And she always wanted the yellow crayon first. Must be a developmental thing.

I don't remember how old she was when she actually got the colors right... But it will happen!!!

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