Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pictorial catch-up

So, here are some (A TON) of pictures. Enjoy!

This is Nora's new room. This is the view from her bedroom door looking at her tiny bed.
View from the bedroom door looking at "play central". Matthew made the white shelves that house all of her toys. We used it to divide her room into two parts...sleeping and playing. We joked and said it was kind of like a mini apartment. She has her bedroom, her kitchen area, her eating area, and her dressing area. All that is missing is a bathroom.
View from play central at her bedroom door and dresser.
View from her closet. I stole the idea for the picture mural from Supa...thanks!
Sweet sisters!
Nora has a thing for shoes (duh...she's female). Here are her feet in two of her favorites:
her boots
her high heels
Nora turns 2 next weekend (which is impossible since she was just born) and in my attempt at saving our family a few pennies, I handmade her invitations-which means they were free. Yes, I feel like I deserve a round of applause. Here is the result. I will have you know that these took me TWO ENTIRE nap times...that is love! Using precious naptimes unselfishly. I'm not extremely excited about them, but I figured they would just be thrown away after the party. I only made 10 of them (remember, these few took TWO naptimes!), so if you read this blog and feel like you should have received one but didn't, consider yourself invited.
Nora is loving Mickey and his gang right now...they are her absolute favorites! In a way, I don't want to have a "theme" birthday party. To me, it's like dressing her in Winnie the Pooh clothing. But, she loves "mouse" and that is what she is getting...whether I like it or not.
Notice my sweet photoshopping skills...I erased our phone number
My little helper
The next grouping of pictures is all about Women of Faith.
Elyn was pretty much relaxed the entire weekend. It was nice to just hang out with her. I really feel like I got to know her and appreciate her. She is a great baby and did really well with all of the traveling. She is absolutely precious!

Her Aunt Marty held her pretty much the entire time we were in San Antonio and Elyn loved it!
My cousins, Jill and Julie, were there too.
Marty, Julie, Elyn, me, Jill, and my mom (my Aunt Karen, cousin Danita and her baby, Colton, were there too, but were MIA for this picture)
Elyn and Colton (he is 8 months old...I love how big he is!)
They had a good time playing together. Colton even taught Elyn how to sit up! Here she is, sitting up for the first time. It lasted about 2 seconds, but I consider it sitting up.
Here are some shots of the "celebrities" at the conference:
Mandisa-American Idol contestant who made it pretty far. She has the most amazing voice!
Sherry Shepard-she is on The View. She has quite a story and apparently a strong faith to go along with it.
Jim Cavezal-he played Jesus in the movie "Passion of the Christ". He was okay. At times I felt like he thought he was actually Jesus.
Dinner on the riverwalk. Danita made it for this picture but my Aunt Karen and Colton are still MIA. Oh, and a friend of my sisters and cousins joined us for dinner, Holly.
My dad lives in New Braunfels which is about 30 minutes from San Antonio. He drove down Saturday night for dinner with us. It was great to see him and dinner was fun!

There you have it. The conference was spectacular! If you have an opportunity to go to a Women of Faith conference this year, I recommend it...you will not be disappointed!

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Sara said...

Extremely impressed on your creativity on Nora's room and her birthday invitations. Very cute!

Glad you had some time to enjoy being with Elyn and friends. I love San Antonio and the riverwalk!

Whitney said...

Nora's room is super cute- I love those tiny toddler beds! The birthday invitations are also adorable- you did a great job on those!

Looks like you had a fabulous time in San Antonio- I love the riverwalk! Lots of great food!

Julie Walker said...

I love all of the pictures.Nora's room is so cute!! I am so glad you had fun in S Antonio and I am happy you got to see your dad!!
Love you

Ashley said...

I love Nora's room! You guys look like you had a great time. Marty looks great! Elyn looks much like Baby Nora. I feel the same way when I'm alone with Lucy, I bonded with Ranger so much more frequently without a toddler, too!

Brittney said...

Looks like you had fun with the family. My favorite comment was about Winnie The Pooh. I agree...I am so against Pooh!!!! Especially outfits!

Brittney said...

I also meant to say that Nora's room is really cute! I like the apartment idea of it...it looks like she will have a lot of fun in there!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

glad you had such a great time and safe trip @ the conference! LOVE the room!

Kristen said...

I am looking right now for some cute bedding for Seth's toddler bed...Nora's is ADORABLE! Where did you find it or did your craft self make it?

Kristen said...

Oops...I meant craft-self!

Amy said...

I too am opposed to Pooh clothes. And I thought I was alone! Glad I'm in good company.

vergne said...

I really love Nora's room. You are so creative! I also love the birthday invitations! You did a great job! It was good to catch up on you.


Desiree said...

I'm a little behind, but Dallas you are so creative. I LOVE Nora's room, it should be in a magazine. Also, those invitations are great-I don't know how you have the time, Emily is in school all day and I feel like I get nothing done.

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