Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Bunny 2008

I forgot to add this to the post from yesterday.

The Easter Bunny was a church yesterday and I had my camera, so we figured it was as good as an opportunity as any to get the girls picture with him.

We had to be sneaky though, knowing Nora's hatred for him.

Matthew backed her into his arms and she had no idea, for a few seconds at least, who was holding her.

Completely unaware, blissfully blowing her bubbles
"Why is everyone looking at me, is something going on here?"
"Hey Elyn! Wait a minute! Who is holding us???"
"I'm not so sure about this!"
"Get me down!"
"Seriously! What is the hold up? Get me out of here!!!!!!" Oh well, at least she got her picture taken!

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Supabloggasuprememama said...

Laugh out loud hilarious. its to the point where I anxiously anticipate the holiday pics so I can see various characters you pair her with so she can cry. is that bad? bless her heart- its too funny!!!! take her to disney world! ;)

Chandra said...

That's hilarious, I have tears from laughing! But honestly, if that thing snuck up on me I'd probably freak out, too! He's a little creepy...

Summer said...

Those pictures are great. I love Nora's expressions in them. Their dresses are beautiful!!!

April said...

I'm impressed that you actually managed to get their pics with the Easter bunny after reading your description of how much Nora does NOT like him! Very funny.

Nicola said...

This is just too funny! Poor Nora! The bunny is a little scary though. Good thing Elyn's a trooper!

Sara said...

Love the dresses!

Brad, Amy & Sadie said...

This may be the scariest bunny I've ever seen. He has the "let's rock" face.


Desiree said...

Dallas, its so much fun keeping up with you on here. I know I've said this before but your pics bring back so many memories (Emily was terrified of anything in a costume for years) your girls look beautiful in their dresses!!

Sarah said...

Ok, I'm at work and I'm laughing out loud. That's hilarious!

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