Thursday, March 06, 2008

Good grief!

That is all I have to say-GOOD GRIEF!

Nora LOVES getting the mail (she takes after her mama, I suppose). Today, we were coming home from the store and I pulled up beside our mailbox to see what treasures our lovely mail carrier had left us. Nothing too exciting-a community newsletter and a Women of Faith brochure. Nora always thinks that one of the items is for her. She was questioning me, "Nora's mail?" so I handed her the Women of Faith piece.

The drive from our mailbox to our garage is about .2 seconds, but during that time, she had managed to open the brochure and question me about each person that was featured..."Who dat? Who dat? Who dat?" She really sounds like she should be on Good Times or some similar show.

As I was trying to navigate our van in the garage without disturbing too many of the stacks that are piled up, I was answering Nora's questions. "That's Max. That's Sandi. That's Patsy. And so on... (I feel like I should explain that these stacks are completely my fault! Matthew would think I was the greatest wife in the entire world if he came home from work one day and I had gone through everything and cleared out a ton of stuff. But, it's just too cold out there right now! To my credit, I did clean out our closets this week and have a ton of my "am-NEVER-going-to-wear-it again-why-am-I-holding-on-to-it" clothes to give away...5 bags people, that's a lot of clothes! But, I digress...) So, Nora examines the picture for a while longer, re-questioning me on a few of the identities while I am lugging Elyn, diaper bags, and groceries into the house. Can't she put the brochure down for just a second and help me out? Geeeezzz!

Then, out of the blue, my child, who claims every color is yellow, looks at a picture on the opposite page of the brochure and says, "There's Patsy!"

You have got to be kidding me! She is able to recognize a picture of a woman she has never seen before, dressed in completely different clothing, and facing the opposite way but she can't tell me the apple is red when we have talked about THAT one million times.

I am sure this is not the last time I will be completely flabbergasted by her .

Maybe I'll just cut out Patsy and dress her up in different colored clothing and Nora can learn her colors that way. Sigh.

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Julie said...

what a smarty pants! i am sure she knows her colors but loves to annoy you. i have a friend who's son is 20 months old and refuses to call her mommy. he calls everyone else their name, but insists on calling her pacifier.

Whitney said...

That is HILARIOUS! I wouldn't doubt if she absolutely knows her colors and is just being stubborn!

Amy S. said...

I love reading your blogs. They are so funny. I think Nora knows every color but is just trying to add a little stress to your life :)

Summer said...

Your blog brightens my day. I laugh out loud at the things you write. What a great story!

Danna Ramsey said...

I'm thinking about doing a color intervention. Are you in?

Sandi said...

That's hilarious, Dallas. The only thing with dressing Patsy up in different colors is that Nora may associate the color names with certain types of know, insisting that all vests are blue and all dresses are purple, etc. -- depending on what Patsy wears :) Just kidding.

When my niece was 2 or 3, she had a crush on Michael Jordan because of his picture on the Wheaties box. Everywhere they went she would point him out and then act all shy when you would ask her about him. This just made me think of that because really, he was just a random guy like Patsy.

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