Thursday, March 20, 2008

It was all of the hot water!

Oh faithful lurkers to my blog, I apologize for being negligent in my posting. I have been a little under the weather, thanks to a (quoted by my doctor) "severe kidney infection". Upon hearing the diagnosis, my husband sympathetically said, "Well, maybe next time you won't be so stubborn and will go to the doctor earlier." I think he was just scared to death of the possibility that my doctor would hospitalize me for I.V. antibiotics (threatened by my doctor if the infection does not clear up) and he would have to learn to nurse Elyn.

In all seriousness, he has been quite remarkable, doing EVERYTHING, aside from feeding Elyn.

How was I to know that a throbbing pain in my back, cloudy urine, pain while tee-teeing, and chills/fever were indicators of kidney infection? I have never had one before. Oh sure, it had entered my mind, about a week ago, but when nothing got worse, I figured it was just another one of those pesky post-pregnancy symptoms. And I HATE to go to the doctor if something is not seriously wrong with me. I can't see paying the co-pay only to hear the doctor say, "It should clear up on its own in a few days."

But, for the past few days, my temperature has been hovering in the 101 degree mark and the pain in my back was so bad, sometimes it was hard to breathe. I caved and paid the co-pay and it was actually worth it.

Finding out I had a kidney infection was not nearly the worst thing that happened to me today though.

Not by a long shot.

Being weighed was not the worst thing that happened to me today. Not because I have lost all of my weight plus some. Oh no. (side note: my weight is still embarrassingly high, but hey, with a kidney infection can I really be expected to go and work out)

The worst thing that happened to me today was when the nurse said, "Okay, now I need to measure you." Huhhh? I have been going to this doctor for almost 4 years and never once has she felt the need to measure me.

You know when you step up to the scale and watch the nurse push the little weights to the right? You always pray that she won't have to drop to the second row of weights and start pushing those to the right (which has happened in both pregnancies, thank you very much!). It's always a guessing game as to which number she is going to find balance with. You never really know what you are going to get with the scales.

Your height though. That's a different story. I have been the same height since 6th grade, where I was the tallest girl in my class. I was also taller than most boys. Michael whats-his-name was always taller. Fast forward to 8th grade...officially one of the shortest girls in my class and ALL boys are finally taller than me.

What is the number you ask? The one that never changes? Five foot three inches. The magic number! It has been one of the most constant things in my life.

That all changed today when she said, "Five foot TWO inches!!!!!" I nearly passed out. You have got to be kidding me! I made her re-measure me and she got the exact same thing.

Guess what though, when someone asks, "How tall are you?" I will continue responding with the original number. At the DMV, they will know no different. My children will always think I am 5'3".

Maybe my showers shouldn't be so water causes shrinkage, you know.

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Danna Ramsey said...

Funny! (I was expecting you to say you were pregnant, for some reason.) also, thanks for the skinny legs comment. From now on I'm going to insist on all photos to be taken from that angle.

Julie said...

sorry you are sick, it sounds painful! 5'2", huh? now you know what it's like to be me. i am actually 5'1/2", but it says 5'2" on my drivers license.

Ashley said...

I thought you were going to be preggers, too :) Be glad you have lost your baby weight. I still have +10 lbs and I only gained 23! But I'm waiting until she's weaned and hopefully it will all drop off. Take it easy, girl :)

Dallas said...

oh ashley, i still have so much baby weight to lose. read again, you'll see that i said "oh no" to losing that weight. hopefully by the time she in one. hopefully!

Chandra said...

Okay, I hope this doesn't make me terrible, but I was laughing all the way through your post. No, there is nothing funny about a serious kidney infection, or feeling unhappy with your body, but your writing style is hilarious! I particularly loved the visual I got of your husband nursing your daughter. Thanks for that!:)

MDM said...

Hope you feel better don't know me, but I have a few questions about Nora's precious room. Would you mind telling me the paint color? Also, is that mural board made from cork squares? That room takes my breath away!!! You can leave me a comment on my blog or on yours...please, please!!!!

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

I hope you're feeling better! As far as the height can take comfort in knowing that it's probably happening to all of us, we just don't have doctors who measure!

Sarah said...

You know you do have a friend who is a nurse and a sister-in-law who is a Dr. You could have called either of us with those symptoms and we could have diagnosed it over the phone.

Paula said...

This is great info to know.

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