Monday, March 03, 2008

March came in like a lamb...but watch out, the lion is coming!

On March 1st, Elyn turned 5 months old! She is getting so big! We went to the doctor's office today because she has been coughing so bad lately...mainly at night when she is trying to sleep. Last night, she woke up about every 45 minutes crying. So, off to the doctor we went today. Her oxygen levels were at 98%, so they weren't too concerned about RSV-thank goodness!

Our doctor listened closely to her chest and said she was definitely congested and gave an antibiotic. Hopefully it will do it's job! This her 3rd antibiotic to be on!!!!!!!!! Nora was NEVER sick when she was little bitty. I guess Elyn is going to be my sick one. Poor kid.
She did get weighed today and she is up to 13 pounds and 13 ounces. That is over a pound of weight gain in a month! She is getting nourished. She HATES cereal! Really, she hates anything, other than breastmilk. If I put anything in her mouth (cereal, yogurt, medicine), she acts like it is straight acid and starts gagging. It is a very pitiful sight. With cereal, she usually throws up whatever I have given her. Nice. I did mention that to the doctor today and he didn't seem overly concerned. Is she going to need to see a swallow specialist? He kind of snickered at that question. I have already had a talk with Elyn though...I am cutting her off at 11 months. I nursed Nora for 11 months and I don't want Elyn to be smarter, so she is also getting 11 months. I know, I'm ridiculous, but I'll always feel guilty if Elyn gets a full scholarship to college and Nora gets nothing. I'll know it's because of the breastmilk.
Saturday, the 1st, was a BEAUTIFUL day! Matthew had to teach for Harding that morning, but when he got home in the afternoon, we all headed outside. Nora had a fun time playing in her new playhouse (finally, it is not in our living room!) and picnic table. She was also able to get in the sandbox for the first time since the fall. She didn't know what to think about having sand on her feet but got over it pretty quick. Last summer, she loved being outside and loved getting dirty and wet. I hope she has those same loves this spring/summer!

Forgive the double chin shot...this is just such a funny picture. Nora just climbed into Elyn's seat and hung out for a little while. I guess she is reverting to her babyhood.
Tonight, I was cooking and Nora drug one of the barstools up to be beside me. She was coloring on every piece of paper on the counter (I don't think any of them were too important). Anyways, I looked over at her and saw her low riding jeans. I laughed and took a picture. The jeans are practically all the way down past her bottom.
While we were at the doctor's office today Nora got a lollipop. I don't usually give her lollipops because she completely freaks out sometimes while she is eating them. We don't know what the problem is, but we just play it safe and don't give them to her. She hasn't caught on that when we drive through to get the car washed, the attendant hands out lollipops (Dum Dums). I always tell him "no" and she is clueless. I guess I have a few months left before she figures it out. Anyway, the doctor gave her a lollipop and she was so excited. She was so quiet the whole way home because she was LOVING the candy. We were almost home and she started talking about her "nose sucker" (Matthew and I call the bulb syringe that we use to suck her nose out the "nose sucker"). I told her "no, your nose sucker is at home". But she kept talking about it. Finally, I figured out that she was calling her lollipop a nose sucker. The doctor had handed her the lollipop and called it a "sucker". So cute! But, won't she be disappointed when we get the REAL nose sucker to use on her. She'll be expecting candy and wham....her brains are being sucked out.

She is saying some pretty cute things lately. I think they're cute anyways.
She can't say the "g" sound so instead she says, "bibson" for Gibson, "boofy" for Goofy, "bam" for Gram, you get the point.
When ever we say "thank you, Nora" she ALWAYS says "welcome" polite :). And if we don't say "you're welcome" after she says "thank you", she reminds us.
She still calls Elyn "Ella" even though she can say Elyn. I guess it is just habit. Hopefully Elyn will know her correct name when she grows up.
She still calls everything yellow. I think she knows what she is doing though. Whenever I ask her, "what's that color", she says yellow and then laughs hysterically. Annoying.
She loves to sing!!!!! Her favorites are B-I-B-L-E (she loves to shout "BIBLE"at the end), the Elephant song (from camp), the ABC's, Wheels on the Bus, any song she sings in Sunday school.
She can count to 14! And since she is my oldest and I have no other experience with 2 year olds, I am impressed with this! Her grandparents think she is the smartest child ever. We (Matthew and I) just wish she knew her colors. Until she can impress us with her color knowledge, we are unsure about her genius level. We don't expect her to be the smartest kid in the whole wide world, just don't be the dumbest! You can see we have high goals around here.
Oh, remember how I said Saturday was a gorgeous day to play outside? Tonight it is supposed so snow 7-10 inches!!!!!!! Crazy weather! No wonder Elyn is always sick! Maybe we'll get to play outside again tomorrow.

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Amy S. said...

That was a great Nora update. Your theory about breastmilk cracks me up!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

these are hilarious. love the low riding and double chin pic. aidens jeans do that too. i hope little elyn feels better soon!

The Brown Family said...

You crack me up! That was so funny about the breast milk! I was laughing out loud about the nose sucker part because that's exactly what we call it! Sterling FREAKS out when we even mention it. That, my friend, is how we taught him to blow his nose so well...he'd do anything to not have his brains sucked out! We actually had to use it last week during one of the many times he had us up at night, and it's a lot harder to hold them down at 2 1/2 then when they were babies!

Julie said...

colors or not, she is a genius! both her & bailey:) the pictures are cute!

Nonnq said...

I love the profile (sort of ) shot of Elyn. She is beautiful. You are becoming a photographer than any professional would be proud of. Keep up the good work!

Hello blog buddies! It's me, Crouse! said...

what little dolls! i absolutely love elyn's hair! she reminds me of a little dandelion!

Ashley said...

Actually, I beleive Nora was born in a 28 day month while Elyn was born in a 31 day month. That's already 3 days of nursing that Elyn has over Nora. You better calculate the exact amount of days you nursed Nora so that you will know when to cut Elyn off. You crack me up. I can tell you, Lucy is getting tons more milk than Ranger ever did. He is such a genius though, so I'm not worried.

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