Sunday, March 09, 2008

No pictures of Nora and Elyn-sorry!

But, here are some thoughts:

I went to look for Easter dresses this weekend for my children. Why do department stores only carry miniature prom dresses for Easter? It's annoying. I am going for a certain look and have limited opportunities to look for it. Yes, I realize I could order it online. I just enjoy going and looking at the sweet dresses in person. Hopefully, after my lessons from Danna, I will be able to make my own. Hopefully. (sidenote: I have visuals of the dresses I am describing, but blogger is not letting me add them...maybe tomorrow.)

Ughhh...Daylight savings time. It's definitely a love/hate relationship. I hate that I lost an hour of sleep last night, but loved that Nora was able to play outside after 6pm tonight. Here is to hoping she sleeps past 7am tomorrow. Oh, please!

It's about time for baby boot camp around here. Elyn sleeps like a champ when she is swaddled. I know I have mentioned before that I will swaddle her forever, but really, when is she too old to be swaddled? Should I start weaning her of that? I'm usually under the mindset of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" but part of me thinks that the longer I wait the harder it is going to be. She'll be in college and have to ask her roommate to buckle her straight jacket for her so she can get a good nights sleep.

I love the people in my home Bible study! We had great discussion tonight. It is so nice to be completely open with a group of people and not feel ashamed or uncomfortable. God has truly blessed us with them.

I am so tired of the arrangement of my living room furniture!!!!! It is driving me crazy. My couch is currently up against a wall and I do not like it. B.K. (before kids), we had our couch away from all walls. I loved it but it really cut down on our space. And those of you with kids know that when you add a child to your residence you also add a ton of stuff. With our old arrangement we were constantly tripping over swings, bouncy seats, exersaucers, and jumparoos. So, the couch was shoved against a wall, opening things up.

Our house is not huge but our furniture is. And it bothers me. I really want a new couch, but it is impractical. A new couch would only suffer stains and crayon markings. Our current couch has already had to endure those so why make another couch suffer too? Also, I would love to get rid of our entertainment cabinet. It is really nice, houses our t.v. and other electronics, but takes up sooooooo much space. My solution? Just get a flat screen and mount it on the wall. Definitely a space saver, but a tad pricey. Probably not going to happen.

So, after spending several hours yesterday, moving around furniture (HUGE furniture) to see if we could find a better arrangement, we ended the day with everything right where it had started.

At least I got to clean under the couch...a very embarrassing sight!

And that is my smorgasboard of thoughts.

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Whitney said...

Yes, a very random mix of topics in your post today- but all interesting! I'm all about the swaddling & hope that Austin takes to it as well! I agree that they are never too old- as long as it help them to sleep, relax, whatever!

Jenn said...

I get the girls dresses on ebay...there are some great stores there and you can combine shipping with more than one dress. Also some stores send matching bows...
Here are some links:
They are great!!

Chandra said...

I'm the same way with daylight savings time! I love having more time in the evening to get out of the house, but it has really messed up H's sleeping! He's been waking up late and going to sleep LATE. Just now, I waited 2 hours for him to fall asleep for his nap and now I'm going to have to wake him up in about fifteen minutes for swim class. Ugh.

Nicola said...

I know what you mean about the swaddling... I thought I would have to swaddle Maggie forever until I found a "grobag" sleeping bag. I started out by stuffing both of her arms in, then just one arm, and now they're both out. It was a good progression.

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