Monday, March 31, 2008

A rainy walk down memory lane

Today, after Elyn's doctor's appointment (more about that tomorrow when I post about her 6 months of life. I KNOW! SIX MONTHS!) I came home to tackle a project in the garage.

The weather is on the brink of rain today so I thought while the floods were holding off, I would spend some time in the garage, while Nora ran around in the yard. (In case you are wondering, Elyn was sound asleep in the van. I'm not going to wake her up by moving her. Don't worry, the window was cracked.)

Matthew and I are cleaning things out right now. It's ridiculous how much STUFF we have. I refer to is as 'stuff', Matthew calls it 'junk'. Potato, potatoh. Anyway, we brought several tubs of memories down from the attic Saturday. My job this week is to go through the memories...and throw the majority of them away.

My new friend, Danielle, told me yesterday that the memory is in my head and my heart. So, I don't need the knickknack to remind me of it. She obviously does not know about my horrible memory, but in keeping with the "Clean Sweep" mindset, I am doing my part to add to our landfills. And I am trying to put as much STUFF aside as I can to fill other people's homes (aka garage sale).

Oh the things I found! Why did I keep those things? Here are some of the priceless items that apparently I couldn't live without:

The reply cards from our wedding invitations.

I guess I am holding on to them to call the ones who said they were coming and then didn't show up. You know who you are...I don't need to make you feel worse by bringing your attention to it. You missed a great wedding by the way.
The date on this magazine is November 11, 1999. I guess I thought it would be a collector's item one day.

I made this when I was in the 2nd grade, I think. We had a "Marketplace" at the Christian school I went to. We had to dress up like we were in Bible times. Notice my beautiful embroidering on the head piece. I was quite the seamstress back then.
My sophomore year of college, back in 1996, my mom, sister, and I went to Williamsburg, VA for Thanksgiving. I had this drink while we were there. Again, I must have thought it was a one of a kind collectors item. It's not.
All above items are now in the trash.

I would like to tell you all that I have finished going through my things. However, that is not the case. Matthew has 3 or 4 more tubs to bring down from the attic. I know, it's ridiculous.

Here are my piles from today. I am super proud of my work. The "trash" and "sale" piles far outweigh the "keep" pile.



I think I know a certain husband that is going to be delighted with my progress.

Now, if he would just go through his boxes.

I sure he will refer to all of it as "stuff".

Priceless stuff.

I just see "junk".

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Elizabeth said...

Girl, I am with you. I hang on to EVERYTHING. I am trying to flush our attic right now. No fun, let me tell you.

Brad, Amy & Sadie said...

You are my inspiration. But I need you hear cheering me on and saying - "you don't need it!"

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