Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Getting you up to date

It took FOREVER to download 200 pictures to blogger...FOREVER!!!!! I started Friday night, had a very busy weekend and extremely limited computer time, and didn't finish the 200th post until Monday afternoon. Oh, blogger, why are you so slow to put pictures on?

Glad you all enjoyed it. It was fun to re-live the past 2 years through the pictures.

Speaking of pictures, here are some to let you know what has been going on with us. I am going to try and post pictures of the trashcan milkshake before we leave for our trip Friday. But that is an entirely different subject. I get a little teary-eyed thinking about leaving Nora. Okay, enough of that...on to the update...

Matthew's mom and stepdad came to visit us a few weekends ago (actually, just for a Sunday). They had a good time with the girls and managed to get a family picture of us. The only one we have had taken since Christmas.

Here is Elyn doing her Army pushups. This girl amazes me with her strength. She is so determined to move forward! Tonight at church, she was up on all fours and rocking. Slow down!!!!!!! She is not even 7 months old.

My grandmother sent Nora and Elyn a package last week. Here they are opening it and inspecting the goodies inside.

Nora and Elyn reading the card

Saturday was Race for the Cure. I love this "race" and have been apart of it, in one city or another, for the past 7 years. We had 45 sign up from our church to be a part. It was a beautiful day, starting off a little chilly but ending up very nice.

One of the survivors, our good friend Jasmine, with her husband Josh.

Elyn and her friend, Caleb. He is 6 weeks younger than she is. Aren't they cute!

Monday, Nora's friend, Gibson (aka "Bibson") got to come over and play. They had the best time! It was so nice for me because I didn't have to do much entertaining. They played outside most of the time Gibson was here. One of their favorite games was to climb up into the swing...
fall out...
run to the flower beds and run back to the swing and start all over again.

Eating lunch

Relaxing with some Dora after playing outside for so long.

Elyn was relaxing too. Here she is with her friend.

Monday night was a beautiful night so we went outside to paint...

with water. Hey, Nora thought it was great and enjoyed cleaning off the rock. Whatever works, you know.

Nice mohawk, Elyn.

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Ashley said...

Cute pics! I can't believe you posted 200 pictures! My first thought was "Man that took FOREVER!" Lucy is doing push ups too, but not rocking so much, and she has no where NEAR the amount of hair that Elyn has! I love the game that Nora and "Bibson" played. Ranger and his pals just take turns clobbering and knocking each other over. Oh the joys of a little boy! Thanks for the updates!

April said...

I just love all the pictures! Exactly how did you upload 200 pictures, anyway? I can't seem to upload more than 3 or 4 at a time, typically, per it about the file size? If so, how do you make them small enough to upload? Just needing a little help with that...Thanks! (Umm, I don't believe I'll try to upload 200, but I would like to be able to upload more than 4 at once!)

Whitney said...

I'm still getting caught up on blog-reading & really enjoyed the 200 pictures! That must have seriously taken you FOREVER- I get annoyed when I have to upload like 5. I also love the family pic from this posting- what a precious family!

Kim said...

Painting with water-are you some kind of genius? I will definitely be copying that idea! Thanks!

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