Sunday, April 13, 2008

Um, it snowed here today.

Yep, it sure did. We were leaving the restaurant this afternoon and saw some small pieces of snow falling from the sky. Obviously not enough to stick and hardly enough to take notice of, but still, snow in April-crazy!

I realized I haven't posted pictures of the girls in quite a while, so I will dedicate this post to that-pictures. I am sure grandparents, aunts, and maybe an occasional uncle are happy. For the rest of you, well, they're so cute, I am sure you are pleased too.
Last weekend we went to Little Rock and spent the weekend with Matthew's sister and brother-in-law. They have a small dog, Rudy, or as Nora called him all weekend "Birdy". Elyn loved him and constantly wanted to be near him, grabbing his face.
Nora was terrified of him! Which is funny because he is so small. Here she is, sitting in Julia's lap, covered in chocolate, yanking her body backwards so Rudy doesn't get near. She did warm up to him by the end of the weekend, but didn't have quite the love that Elyn had.
On Saturday, Elyn and I went to the Women of Faith conference while Matthew, Nora, Julia, and Brian went to Searcy to visit Matthew's grandparents, Papa and Grandma. Nora performed for them by singing some of her favorite songs.
Brian and Julia have a Wii and we spent some quality time with it. Our favorite was the dance pad. Nora even tried out her moves (with a little "hand help" from her daddy).
"I wish mommy and daddy would get me one of these!"
The other morning, I was feeding Elyn her cereal/fruit mixture and had to run to my room for something real fast (seriously, I was gone MAYBE 10 seconds). I figured since Elyn was safely strapped in I would be okay to leave. When I got back, this is what I saw. I guess Nora saw that I wasn't quite done feeding her and felt bad that Elyn had to wait and decided to help her out. It was so cute, I had to get a picture.
Elyn is such a mover! I had put Elyn on her BACK in the middle of the blue thing to play with the toys above her and went to the kitchen to fix lunch. I came back a few minutes later to see this. Oh my, it's just a matter of time before I put her down and come back and she is gone.
You can see what she thought about me taking pictures and not helping her out from underneath the chair.
Hey, Elyn, you want a drink?

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Julie said...

cute pictures! the girls are getting so big.

Chandra said...

What beautiful babies! I tagged you on my blog for Seven Random Things, so if you want to participate, you're it.

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