Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Well, here we are...the end of the list. It's been fun, but my mom is ready for me to start posting pictures of the girls again.

Shepard Family-The Shepards are friends of my sisters. They graduated from high school with her...obviously not married when they graduated, that happened later on. Leah is beautiful and Marshall is hilarious and together, they have a precious baby boy.
Simpson Family-I know two people from this family better than others. Amy and Madison. I was lucky to have Madison in my 2nd grade class. She kept me on my toes and I decided I wanted to have a little girl one day and for her to be like Madison. I have the two girls and am molding them already. Her mom, Amy, was my good friend that I taught with. She knows how to throw a party! And she is BUSY. I think it must be hard for her to sit still for longer than 2 seconds. I enjoyed working with Amy and miss my Tucker School friends. They were fabulous to work with. I truly enjoyed my job because of them. (See that was painless know I have nothing but love for you.)
Summer-One time, at Harding, someone paid me the ULTIMATE compliment. They said, "You know who you look like? Summer Allison." Obviously this person was legally blind and probably had the sun glaring in his eyes at the time. Regardless, I was flattered. The entire time we were at Harding I am sure she would have been named (and probably was) the most beautiful female on campus. And her appearance is not even the most beautiful thing about her. Nope. It's her heart. Summer is one of the "original" bloggers. After her second daughter, Macy, was born, she set up a Caringbridge site. It was a great way to update Macy's health and solicit prayers. Summer's journaling during that time was more like an inside look to her spirit. She leaned completely on God and trusted in his plan. I have been amazed, several times, at how sincere she is in her faith. If you haven't ever visited Macy site, you should and start at the beginning. And if you haven't visited Summer's blog, you should do that too. Her world is full of girls and full of fun.
Supa-Never met her but LOVE her. Supabloggasuprememama is the actual title of her blog. Extremely creative. Sometimes she goes private, sometimes she is public. Right now, I believe she is you are in luck! She is hilarious in her writing and so, so honest. Absolutely beautiful with a super handsome husband. You can imagine how good-looking her two kids are. AND I want her to come to my house and decorate. Okay, not really, I would be embarrassed for her to see how I decorate and I'm afraid that she would think I was a bad housekeeper. But, in my dreams, she has transformed my house with her artist touch. I consider her my friend who I have never met and probably never will. But, I do pray for her and her little boy.
Suzanne -If you have not been to Suzanne's blog...well, you are out of the loop. And I'm sorry that I had to point that out to you. But, really, you are out of the loop...behind the under a rock. She had 4 babies AT ONE TIME last August. And they are all healthy and happy and keeping their parents on their toes. I had the pleasure of visiting a VERY pregnant Suzanne last summer. I was pregnant with Elyn at the time and was teeny bit smaller than Suz. But, she was more beautiful than I. She is married to a great guy and has an awesome support system in her family. So, go, check her out if you haven't yet.
Tesney(private blog)-I knew Tesney at Harding. We were in education classes together. And then, she up and moved, transferring to a much larger school. We missed her and her southern ways. Other than her accent the other memory I have of Tesney is strong. So strong in fact that it is almost impossible for me to eat a certain food. I am pretty sure it was our freshman year, sitting in Dr. Higginbothom's "Intro to Education" class, at 8:00 in the morning. Being the typical freshman that we were, we did not allow enough time to actually go to the cafeteria and eat breakfast BEFORE the ridiculously early 8:00 class, we would just grab a Pop-Tart or something like that on our way out the door. One morning, Tesney, grabbed her usual NutriGrain bar and headed to class. She was almost done eating her breakfast, when she pulled the remaining breakfast bar out of the package and saw BUGS at the bottom of the package. AHHHHHHH! Can you even imagine?!?! Can you even eat breakfast bars now Tesney?
Watson Family-David and Matthew were really good friends from grade school through college. I knew April, briefly, at Harding. I went over to house a lot the year before I went to Africa. I remember that no one knew how to record anything on t.v. without leaving the television on. Soooo, if we were having a meeting and the family was recording something, we would have to drape a blanket over it to focus on the meeting. I wonder if they have figured it out yet. April has two really cute kids and seems to be a great mom and wife.
Whitney-I knew Whitney at Harding, but not well. I remember her being so tiny and, honestly, was a little envious of that. Well, she is still tiny. And I'm still a little envious. She is also a new mommy to a super cute baby boy. And from what I read, enjoying being a mommy and doing a great job at it. Austin is apparently a dream baby...sleeping 11 hours at night already...and he is brand new. Lucky girl.
Williams family-I did not know Amy or Brad at Harding...I don't think I did anyway. But, thankfully, I got to know them through our Searcy small group. They included us, like the Miller's, and made us feel a part instantly. I remember Brad doing a weight-loss contest one time. He won. I also thought Amy was way cooler than anything I could ever hope to become. I'm pretty sure she still is. And, like Sara, I loved her decorating style. They have a little girl that is so funny. I want Nora or Elyn to be funny like Sadie is funny. I guess you can't train that though, it just happens. Anyway, love their blog and their family.
Winberry Family-The Winberry's go to our church and their little boy, Caleb, is Elyn's future boyfriend. We are thrilled that they have started coming to our small group on Sunday evenings. They are a very welcomed addition. I haven't gotten to know them very well over the years, but I am hopeful that I will be able to remedy that soon.
X-box wife-I do not know X-Box wife personally. She is the "founder" of "10 things Tuesday"...okay, probably not the founder, but she has a great link to put on your blog if you do it. I enjoy her blog and her writing style. Maybe one day, I will meet her in real life.

And I AM DONE! I hope you enjoyed it. I actually visit more blogs than I have listed on my favorites. So, if you didn't make the list but you KNOW that I visit your blog, I think you are great too. I just haven't taken the time to link you up. Sorry. Maybe next time signature


Whitney said...

What you wrote about me was so sweet- thank you :) It's funny that you thought I was tiny at Harding- I look back and think "what a chub!" Kristen and I were eating a little too much Papa Johns Pizza in the door after curfew! I am short, so maybe that's the smallness you were remembering! :) And yes, Austin is a dream baby! ha ha!

Summer said...

I am impressed that you have given us the "low down" on everyone. Thank you!
Okay, now to correct the ultra-nice, yet full of embellishment paragraph I was lucky enough to score on your blog.
The first half made me blush and is full on non-truths. Just for the record, my roomies and I found you in the Freshman book before school even started. We all thought you were so pretty! I remember thinking it again when we were on freshman court together.
The secon half of your comments was also so sweet! Thank you! Anyhow, I am glad we are still in touch. I love your blog- you have real gift for writing!

Sandi said...

I enjoyed reading ALL of your descriptions, Dallas -- be sure and tell Matt that. :)

And thank you for your sweet words.

Supabloggasuprememama said...

All of this took a lot of work. That was soooo very sweet of you. The last part made me tear up. I am very flattered. Thank you for even including me in your list, much less writing such super sweet things about me! I've decided if we lived in the same town we would sooo be bff. love ya! -oh and perhaps one day, we will meet!

Danna Ramsey said...

Thanks again for the inspiration. Isn't it the biggest warm fuzzy to think about how many wonderful people you know? May God continue to bless you!

Kathryn said...

Dallas - it's been fun to read all of your connections and find old HU friends among your links. I'm impressed with all of your blog connections!

April said...

I loved reading all about the people linked to your blog. I even found several other people I know--thanks, Dallas! (Just in case Matthew was really wondering who was reading all can tell him, I did!) :)

The funniest thing is that I did not realize we had ever actually met, so your story about the vcr recording at my house cracked me up. I had not though about those African Mission Fellowship meetings in a good long while. Yes, we do know how to make it work now! I remember attending your wedding at Camp Tahkodah, but I had forgotten you came to AMF meetings...too funny!

I really just figured we "knew" each other via David and Matthew's friendship. Since they lived together for 2 1/2 years after college and during the time that David and I dated...I spent some extra time visiting in the house that I assume was the first house you and Matthew lived in after getting married. I remember one day I finally investigated why David was having issues with chronic athlete's foot...I had to look no further than the bottom of the bathtub. NASTY! Oh, yes, I grabbed some (ok, alot) of comet and scrubbed, scrubbed, scrubbed. In Matthew's defense, he did not share a bathroom with David and Butter. He, he. :)

April said...

Whoa. Sorry that "comment" was waaayy long. Oops. :)

Kim said...

That was such a great idea. I know that was very time consuming, but it was very enjoyable for all of us!
So, here is something I will tell you that you may/may not know, and if I get ambitious enough to copy your idea, I will include in your description:
According to my husband, While in Texas, his youth group and your youth group did some activities together. Jordan said he sat next to you during the movie at an outdoor theater. Jordan confesses that he had a crush on you at the time, but didn't know if you knew it.
Well, you do now!! I thought this was so cute and thought you'd get a kick out of it!

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