Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hopefully I only have two more installments of:getting to know my blog friends

This is taking WAY longer than I ever expected it to take. That said, I am enjoying writing about each person/family. Matthew asked me last night, "WHO is reading this?" I told him the person I am typing about, they read it. For those of you at the end of the alphabet, thank you for waiting.

Marshall-When Matthew and I moved up here we didn't know anyone but the Browns. Just like the Millers took pity on us in Searcy, the Browns took pity on us in Rogers (I guess we have that "lost, sad-puppy dog-eyed look about us that makes people want to help). Marshall has proven to be a very good friend. Not only is he our friend, but he is also our preacher. And a very fine one. My mom still remembers his sermons from the times she has visited...and she doesn't even have to look at her notes. Marshall has an amazing ability to remember information. Some helpful, a lot random. Quoting entire sections from certain 80's movies is as easy for him as quoting scripture. I am happy to have Marshall as my friend and think he is a terrific man-despite the warnings I was given from former TNT members that had to pledge under him.
Melissa-I knew Melissa at Harding, but knew her fun-loving husband better because we were in the same "grade". I wish I had known Melissa better when we were there. She seems pretty fantastic. She is a mommy to adorable twins. Although, I am sure that she wishes Ryan would have become an ENT doctor instead of working at his current job. Melissa is also an unbelievable photographer! She is a rookie but amazing! Hey, Melissa, if you are reading this, please let me know if you are using your talent for pay yet. I would love to set up a time for you to photograph my girls. I can't promise we will be happy and on good behavior, but it should provide for some good entertainment. My contact is under my profile.
Michael Ann-Mikey was a friend at Harding and a fellow 1995 pledge. Michael Ann kept everyone laughing. It seems she was constantly dressing up in a Bison cheer leading outfit and performing. Although Michael Ann now lives near me, we haven't seen each other. Shame on us! I am sure that her boys love their easy going, fun mommy. I enjoyed my daily dose of laughter in Sears One South, thanks to Michael Ann.
Nicola-Ahhh, my Canadian friend. Nicola is such a dear friend and she lives miles and miles away. I would love to see her and her precious baby Maggie one day. Nicola is fellow Jeopardy lover. I loved that she loved Jeopardy with me and thought Alex T. was kind of annoying. I could tell so many stories, but I'll limit myself. Once, when Nicola was traveling back to the "States" after Christmas, she made it, but her luggage didn't. I was so sad for her. She had a lot of her Christmas presents in her bags. I vowed never to go to the unclaimed luggage store in Atlanta in support of her. This story isn't about Nicola, but her brother. I always thought Jordan was the cutest thing EVER (any other former Harding girls that want to second that...I know you're out there!). Well, one night, he asked me out on a date and I thought I was in heaven. The date went well, I thought we had a nice time. Driving back, we ran out of gas. Yes we did! And it was raining. I eventually made it back to the dorm, a little wet and a little past curfew. He never asked me out again. But, hey, there's a happy ending. We are both married and have kids. It all worked out. Anyway, back to Nicola. Such a true, unassuming, real friend.
Parks family-I will forever refer to David as "David Lee". Because that is how he introduced himself to me. I got to know David one summer at camp and loved him right away. As in, older brother that I never had kind of love. And he sure could make me laugh!!!!! I will never forget the summer that we went to Africa. He was happy to be there, glad to experience the culture, but thought only of one thing...Amy. Seriously, he loved that girl so much that he gave up traveling in Europe to go and see her. I mean, they're married now and have two ADORABLE girls...but, come on, EUROPE. I think he got the better deal though.
Price family-Mary Jo was our hospitality committee (along with Connie) when we moved here. She brought over cookies in a basket with her phone number attached, in case we needed anything. That meant so much to me and I want to do that for people. Mary Jo is an extremely talented seamstress who puts me to SHAME. We also had surprise pregnancies together...only she lived in Ohio and I lived in Arkansas. AND she is the one that inspired me to make my own baby food for Nora, which I did for about 6 months. But because she lives in Ohio now, I only buy store-bought baby food for Elyn...I no longer have my inspiration.
Rickard family-A new name to my blogroll. The Rickards go to church with us and we love them! Sherry is truly a woman after God's heart. I have never heard her complain over her situation. Each time I see her, she has a smile on her face. Now, granted I am not around her that often, but the times that I am, she is joyful. Thank you for that! Her husband is a true servant as well and they are raising 3 great kids.
Sandi-I have known Sandi many years. I first knew her at Camp T and we used to write letters to each other during the school year. Sandi is HILARIOUS! That girl could make me laugh so hard with her dry sense of humor. I later got to know Sandi when I was at Harding. She has a pretty amazing singing voice and an incredible heart. I love her blog. She is so transparently honest. I also love to steal menu ideas from her each Monday. I look forward to seeing her take on the role of mommy to three...because I know when she writes about her feelings and fears and joy, I will, one day, probably experience that same things. Sandi, without realizing it, is a strong voice and encourager for all mommies.
Sara-Sara is "the lovely wife" that I referred to when talking about Jim. Sara and I were in Zeta Rho together but did not really get to know one another until our move into their home Bible study. She always made me feel so welcome by her comments. She would say something like, "The Henderson's will be there too" and I would think, "That's us! She is including us...we are a part!". I was (and sure I would still be) a little envious of her decorating style. She made it look effortless and classy all at the same time. But, one thing I will forever remember Sara for, is that she cleaned my shower the day we moved from Searcy. She was 9 months pregnant and cleaned my GROSS shower for the new owners. That was a true friend. I wish I could be there to clean her shower when she moves back to Searcy later this summer.
Segadi family-I knew April at Harding and pledged with her in '95. Like Chandra, I don't feel like I really got to know April while we were at Harding together. I knew her husband, Jay, a little better. We went on a campaign to New York together on Spring Break. I remember their wedding though. It was beautiful and April was stunning. I will forever remember the look on Jay's face whenever he saw her day. It was one of pure love and a little bit stunned. Like, "can you believe I married her? She is AWESOME!" I enjoy her blog and reading about her kids.
Shannon-Shannon and Matthew went to Harding Academy together. I never really knew her at Harding. Probably because I was super-intimidated by her. Yes, Shannon, you were scary to me. Not scary like "She's going to be beat me up", but scary like, "She is pretty cool and really confident and has a ton of friends and most likely thinks I am in the way and have no clue". That kind of scary. HOWEVER, I am no longer scared by her, but in awe of her. She is absolutely one of the most amazing women I have ever known. Her faith, her family, her story...I am about to cry just typing about it. If you have never visited Shannon's blog, I encourage you to do so. You will leave it encouraged and amazed. And you will probably laugh a few dozen times too. She is quite hilarious.

I will try and wrap this up tomorrow. Halleluah!

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Amy said...

I'm a little nervous about mine.... be nice :-)

Sara said...

Yeah, I wish you could clean my shower too! HA! I've enjoyed reading your insights on your friends. You are sweet and I've thoroughly enjoyed the burp cloths you sent for Grant.

Heather said...

I love finding out who everyone's blog friends are!!

Melissa said...

Wow...very impressed you had the patience to do all this! Thanks for the nice comments and I would LOVE to photograph your beautiful girls anytime. They are so cute it would be a breeze to get some good ones of those darlings! Shoot me an email and we'll try to hook up and set something up! (melissa_halford@hotmail.com)

Mary Jo said...

Hello! so sweet of you to say that...it's so funny that you remember the funniest things! If you've read my stories about making food lately for Landon, you'll know that it's not as convienient as it used to be. I will do it anyway just because. I guess I'm a little stubborn! Speaking of inspiration, YOU insprire ME with sewing! I got on the ball with Landon's room because of the work you posted about Elyn's. I miss you so...love reading all about your family.

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