Friday, May 09, 2008

I'm pretty sure Tiger started with Putt-Putt

Tonight was the first night since before we went to San Francisco that we were able to spend the entire night as a family. And it was nice!

We decided to do a little bit of celebrating because Matthew found out today that he got an A in both of his classes!!!! Yea Matthew! We are all so proud of him and his hard work!

We had dinner at home and then headed out for some miniature golf. Can you think of a better way to celebrate? Nope, neither could we.

Since it was Nora's first miniature golfing experience, I took a ton of pictures.

Which I will now share with you.

She started out with some golf lessons...we spare no expense.

She's very advanced and was able to start golfing on her own right away.

And she's off!

Her favorite thing to do while we were golfing was to pick up our balls for us. Matthew and I would take our first shot (stroke, putt, I don't know the correct term) and then Nora would run after the ball and bring it back to us. Such a sweet girl, just trying to keep us in line.

She did know that the object was to get the pretty purple ball in the hole. She had a sweet technique for making it happen.

"Nope, the ball isn't close enough."

"Yes, that's better, teetering on the edge. Now I just need to tap it in."

"I did it!"

The golfing was very tiring. A break was needed.

Ready to go again!

She also loved fishing the balls out of the hole and passing them out to the correct owner.

Elyn is wondering when it is going to be her turn to putt.

The 18th "hole". If you are a seasoned miniature golfer, then you know that the hole on the 18th green eats the ball, never to be seen again.

Here she is, using her fierce golfing skills, to get the ball in the hole.

All gone!

"Where did it go?"

"I don't see it."

"Maybe if I get even closer to the hole I will surely see it."

Thankfully, she took the disappearing act of the ball very well. No crying, no tantrum, no falling down. Maybe we are turning a corner...tomorrow is another day though.

After we left the course, we headed indoors for a few minutes of fun.

The last toy we put a token in is one of those contraptions that gives you a ton of tickets if you hit the button at just the right instant. Matthew hit it correctly and look at the tickets that spit out at him. Nora was able to get 5 pieces of junk that kept her occupied on the way home.

It was a fantastic night! We wrapped it up with a scoop of ice cream (each) at Braum's. Nora got vanilla, but decided it was boring so she put some salt and pepper in it. Yum!

Tomorrow is day two of the garage sale. Day one brought us $150! A success as far as I am concerned. Everything that doesn't sell tomorrow is going to Goodwill on Monday.

Off to bed now.

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Amy S. said...

Sounds like it was Matthew's lucky day - two A's and all those tickets he won!

The play-by-play of Nora playing golf is cute and funny!

Kristen said...

We still haven't taken the boys putt-putting yet -- your pictures may inspire us to do it soon. It looks like a fun evening!

And congrats to Matthew on getting A's in his classes!

Kim said...

Putt-putt-how fun! That's something I look forward to doing with the kids!
You guys do the neatest things with your girls.

Chandra said...

Yay for the pieces of junk to keep her occupied. $1 pieces of junk have saved us many times! And that mention of Braums made me crave a chocolate banana shake. I heart Braums.

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