Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Up, up and away

Okay, well, maybe not "away", but definitely up! Yesterday morning, Matthew and I looked over and Elyn had pulled herself up into a standing position! I grabbed the camera to take a picture, snapped one, and realized I didn't have my card in the camera. GRRRRRR!

Matthew snapped this one a few hours later. Obviously not the best quality, but it shows off the skill nonetheless. Not even 8 months old yet.

I heard some noise today during her nap and walked in to find this. Oh, Elyn, why do you have to grow so quickly? Downfall to her standing up in her crib...not knowing how to sit back down. Definite downfall!

Yesterday we went over to the Winberry's house for a cookout. Their little boy, Caleb, is just a few weeks younger than Elyn and is as cute as can be. He saw something Elyn had that he wanted. Elyn thinks it's pretty funny.

She doesn't seem to mind that he has her paci. She's content to chew on some other toy. Precious babies!

Today has been full of babies. My friend, Danielle, found out today that she is going to have a little boy in the fall. And tonight we went to the hospital to visit one of Matthew's co-workers who had her little boy today. I love little babies! All swaddled up and barely awake...it's the life.

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winbe said...

How funny! At least they don't mind sharing. We had a great time last night and are so glad you all came over.


Melissa said...

I hope you see this! My email is down (I HATE HOTMAIL) and I can't get to your number. Tomorrow at 9 is great with me at the park. See you there! (If I can get my email working, I will give you a call!)

Whitney said...

8 months and already standing- quite impressive Miss Elyn :)

Kim said...

Way to go Elyn! She's advanced. Gotta keep up with that big sister!

Supabloggasuprememama said...

very impressive! i cant believe how big she is! i feel like (and I'm SURE you do, too) she was born just yesterday!!!

Hello blog buddies! It's me, Crouse! said...

i am currently not enjoying the pulling up on everything stage myself, but am trying to play the glad game for being happy for developmental milestones. i wanted to tell you it is so funny that we have the exact same baby cribs!!!!

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