Thursday, May 08, 2008

What has been going on with us

We have been pretty busy lately. Not actually doing a whole lot of busy things, but just staying busy. I don't know, it doesn't make sense, just go with it.

I missed posting about Elyn's 7 month birthday. So, here are 7 things about Elyn:

*She is still as smiley as ever. She rarely is upset, which is currently very nice for me because her big sister throws enough fits for the two of them.

*She will not leave her bow in her hair. We have lost several already because one second it is in her hair and the next time I look at her, it is missing. There is a white one in Alcatraz somewhere.
*She HATES to have her face washed off. And I mean-HATES. It sometimes takes my entire arm to pin her down so I can get a little of the food off of her face.
*She is teething...all the time. She has two precious teeth on the bottom and I think she is working on her top ones.

*She is still doing her daily workouts of push-ups. This girl is going to have some amazing biceps.

*She has figured out how to get up on all fours and wants to move forward sooooo bad. Sadly, she just moves backwards. And she moves backwards a lot. I will hear her crying only to find her 1/2 way under the couch.

*While I am still her most favorite person in the world (when I come into a room after being gone for say, 4 seconds, she will literally try to propel herself off of the floor into my arms because she is so excited to see me), she loves her daddy and sister and enjoys playing with them.

Now Nora. This girl wears me out! She is so Jekyll and Hyde right now. One second, happy as a lark, the next second, WATCH OUT! I am sure it is just her "two-ness" that is at work, but I daily question my abilities as a mother. Am I being patient enough? Am I being loving enough? Am I spanking her too many times during the day? Am I just not understanding what she is trying to tell me? Ughhhh! It's frustrating. I know, you all understand.

But, just when I think I am ready to send her to daycare for 8 hours a day, she surprises me and says something like, "Come on Mommy, let's go play." I love that girl.

In this picture, Matthew is teaching her the fine art of jumping. Shout out to Marty for her rockin' photographer skills.

Speaking of Aunt Marty, while she was here, she taught Nora how to sew. Good, now she can help me make a new curtain for Elyn's room.

I love this picture! Marty is feeding Elyn her food and Nora drug her doll highchair into the kitchen and sat down beside Marty to feed baby.

Last Sunday, our home group met at the Graham's house for a cookout and to break in Gibson's new playset. It was a wonderful time! We love our spiritual family!

We are having a garage sale tomorrow and Saturday. I do not like getting ready for a garage sale! If someone comes up to me and says, "Can I have this item that you marked $1.00 for 10 cents?" I will shout in their face, "YES!". I am so ready just to get rid of everything! Maybe I'll have some before and after pictures, that will only be interesting to me, to post later. I just hope that my van can be parked in the garage after this weekend.

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Kim said...

Love the pics-I envy you getting ready for the garage sale-I've been trying to have one since last summer!

Danielle Balentine said...

Happy 7 month b-day to Ellen. Good luck with the garage sale. By the way, still love the pillow case dress. It is darling. Thank you so much. Jeff beat me really badly at Wii golf and tennis last night. I need some practice! Have a great weekend.

Chandra said...

Oooh, I want to come to your garage sale--I love a good bargain!;) I think I titled a post a while back something about Jeckyll and Hyde, so I completely understand. Except mine is 3. Oh, and your hubs is a miraculously high jumper.

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