Thursday, June 19, 2008

Is your refrigerator running???? You better go catch it!

So, this morning, I decided to start the day off right. I got out of bed and took off for the gym for a jog. I just knew that because I started it out with a jog the day was going to be spectacular.

Then, I walked through the back door.

"The refrigerator is not working" are the first words I hear upon opening the door.

Um, did the refrigerator not hear that I had left to go jogging? It was supposed to start my day off to be spectacular!

My husband, whose nerves are now on the outside of his body, has been on the phone all morning seeing if the Sears repairman can come and fix the mistake. He can.

On Monday.

I don't think our milk will still be good on Monday. Or in an hour.

Frustrated with Sears, he rings another repairman who tells him he can come out this afternoon, but, watch out, it's going to be expensive.

Oh, that's okay, we have piles of money laying around that we need to get rid of.

Matthew calls Sears again to see if they decided to come out to our house after hearing the frustation in his voice. They haven't, but they did kindly inform him that if we use a repairman that is not dressed in a Sears uniform, our warranty is voided.

Needless to say, we are waiting until Monday, because I was kidding about that money comment and we would rather have it fixed for FREE.

We did find out that if we save all of the containers from our spoiled food, we can get up to $250 in grocery reimbursement.

EVERY SINGLE CONTAINER is saved. I did clean everything out though. I'm not sure the repairman wanted to dry heave while going through our spoiled groceries.

The good news is the our freezer is still working. Hopefully it will hold out until Monday. And for 20 more years.

And in other news...

A few months ago we discovered that the frame around our front door was rotting. Thank you builders for throwing our house up in two weeks to move onto the next development and not properly installing the gutters. We appreciate you.

Matthew started the "let's see how bad this really is" process today and found out it is much worse than we had hoped for. It also is going to take more tools than we have available. Sounds easy, huh.

Soooo, our front door is laying in pieces in my entry way. Since it is after 10pm and most of our neighborhood is asleep, construction has been put off until tomorrow.

Not wanting super-easy access through the front of our house for the crazies that might be out late at night, Matthew nailed plywood over our door frame.

And if that doesn't say "boarded up drug house", I don't know what does.

It's classy.

My handy husband is going to try and remedy our front door dilemma tomorrow.

And hopefully no one wakes up at 2am with food poisoning from questionable food that I served tonight.

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Danna Ramsey said...

Every time I go into the hospital to have a baby, one of our appliances breaks down. This last time it was the washing machine. It feels good not to be the only one ...
How far did you run?

TeamBortzfield said...

I hear you can make hallucinogens from grinding up naturally decayed strawberries. You can use the drug money to fix your fridge.

winbe said...

Ugh! After having recently gone through some fun construction work of our own I totally feel your pain. We were the crazy neighbors that stood outside watering the front of our house to see if it was still leaking. Let us know if you need to borrow any tools.

Michael Ann said...

Dallas, I just got caught up on your blog! You're fridge in the summer - what luck! I feel your pain...too bad you didn't live closer or you could use ours. I hope that the weekend goes quickly! The girls are precious by the way - I loved the shots of Nora and the jumping off the diving board scene...priceless!

Jamie Chitty said...

That sounds awful!! Like you had nothing else on your plate to deal with that day.

Whitney said...

The "boarded up drug house" made me practically fall out of my chair laughing! I'm sorry that everything seems to be falling apart- isn't that how it always happens? And I'd be TICKED at Sears.. waiting until Monday- ugh! Guess that means you get to eat out all weekend though, huh?

kgibbins said...

Hey! Sorry about the fridge! Good to know about the reimbursement for food.
I'm checking blogs from my brother's computer while we are visiting in Searcy-mine has been broken so it has been so nice to catch up with your blog!
Kim Harr

Sara said...

Our dryer went out last week admist piles of boxes! I feel your pain.

We bought in River Oaks in Searcy. Let us know when you come down so we can get together.

AmyB said...

Exercising...seems to do it everytime! :)

Summer said...

Well, when it rains it pours. Sorry to hear about the fridge and the door. The "boarded up drug house" was a priceless comment, though!
I hope that you get everything fixed ASAP! Maybe that bum fridge will get you out of cooking all weekend...

Chandra said...

"Boarded up drug house"--that made me laugh out loud. So did teambortzfield's comment.

Hello blog buddies! It's me, Crouse! said...

you are hilarious. you always put such a positive spin on stuff, but i'm sure being hilarious doesn't take away the annoyance. that is awesome about the $250 reimbursement! I wonder if they do that with stinky clothes. After 3 repairman and $2000 on a top of the line front loading washer/dryer, our clothes always stink. (sorry to put that out on the blog). i'm just saying i'm ready to join a picket line against sears.

Cassie said...

Uhhhhh when it rains it pours. I hope they are able to fix the fridge soon! Paula Butterfield's fridge went out a few weeks ago and they fixed the part and then it went out again and they said they were not able to fix it and they would need to purchase a new one. They warranty just went out! I have heard of this a lot lately. Anyway I hope your fridge is fixable and if not that your warranty covers it all.

Kristen OQ said...

I want to see a picture of your front door all boarded up! That same thing happened to one of our neighbors and they slept with plastic sheeting duct taped over it for a few days.

Hope your house is back to normal soon!

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