Sunday, June 22, 2008

Maybe we'll start eating at home soon

The repairman comes tomorrow. HALLELUJAH!

I am tired of our ice cooler being our refrigerator.

We have been pretty busy lately. My dad came to visit and I have some super cute pictures to post, we started VBS tonight and our room is a disappointment compared to last year...but we think the kids are learning.

I need to get "un-lazy" and clean my house. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe.

Oh, Matthew fixed our door. He is not at all happy with his work, but he is a perfectionist. Truly a perfectionist. I think it is wonderful. It even opens and closes better.

The best part though? It didn't cost much to repair. We were afraid it was going to cost around $900-ouch! So far it's been about $50-much better!

I'll update on our fridge tomorrow, I'm sure you are on pins and needles.

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