Sunday, June 29, 2008

My kids have grown...although, I can't show you

I have many pictures to share with all of you that are waiting for them (grandparents). Sadly, I cannot share them with you at this time.

The computer that I download them to has a broken monitor.

We have two computers.

I can't find the CD that I need to install my "picture zapping thingy" onto this computer.

You can tell I'm pretty organized.

We went to see "Go Diego Go Live" yesterday. Nora really enjoyed it. Although, she cried when we first got there because she did not want to sit in her own seat. The seat that cost me $18. I'm so glad we bought the cheapest tickets that were sold because if she had refused to sit in the $42 seat that was also an option, I would have been pretty ticked off.

I mean, I'm not excited that I wasted $18, the equivalent of 18 large Diet Cokes at a Sonic Happy Hour, but hey, at least it wasn't 42 Diet Cokes.

Once Nora finally settled into her seat of choice (my lap), she was quite content and watched the show with wide eyes. She didn't want to get up and jump or dance when the actors requested it, but overall, it was a good experience.

Until we left and then she cried again. Sheesh.

Possibly because it was 12:30pm and the only thing she had eaten all day long was a half a spoonful of oatmeal and 2 sips of milk. When the girl is hungry, she is cranky.

I hear I'm like that too.

So maybe one day I'll have pictures again (for the grandparents). Until then, you're stuck with my words to entice you to return.

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Melissa said...

Totally went to Diego too! Man, was that like daycare on crack or what?!!! Kids loved it and thank goodness were too young to notice there were trinkets for sell!

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