Monday, June 23, 2008

Papa Dan's visit

****Updated to add: Mr. Scary fixed our refrigerator. And it was covered by our warranty. Apparently the motor to the fan went out. Also, we got a check for our food! Yea!
My dad came to visit last week. He was here for several days and we had a great time during his stay with us!
Elyn and Nora enjoyed getting to know him better and I think he was pretty smitten with them.
We spent one evening outside blowing bubbles...always a favorite around our house!
Nora is usually scared to death of dogs. She likes them from a distance at least. My dad brought his dog with him and by the second day, Nora was warmed up to Keesa and ready to play. A small miracle as far as I'm concerned.On his last night here, we went out for ice cream. Elyn was in a good mood even though she didn't get any. Just 3 more months Elyn!

This is a picture I got this morning. Matthew thinks it's fun to teach Elyn how to walk. (Although, I assume she stay a baby for the rest of her life and just be carried around.) Anyway, Nora wanted to help her little sister out and grabbed her other hand to assist. So sweet! Thankfully, Elyn is NO WHERE near ready to take off on her own!
Oh, and the refrigerator repairman is here right now. Let me just say that I am SOOOOO glad that Matthew is home. A scary looking fella!!!!!! Hopefully Mr. Scary has good news for us!
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Danielle Balentine said...

Glad Mr. Scary had good news. I love the walking pictures. That is so sweet. See ya tonight!

April said...

I just finished reading about your fridge and front door--hysterical, Dallas! I really am terribly sorry for the major repairs and trouble all that causes. I do, however, appreciate the laughter you just brought to our home tonight! You are an excellent writer/ story teller. :) I hope all turns out well (as in repaired and cheap and soon!)!!!

Derek and Michelle said...

I'm always home alone when the repairman is here - and someone is alway in their underwear! Great pictures with Grandpa! (or peepa or papa or whatever you call Grandpas in the south!)

Supabloggasuprememama said...

whew im behind. ;) I hate it when jamins not home and people come by...aaaawwwwwkkkkwwwwwaaaarrrrrddddddddd glad he fixed it! those are such cute pics of the gals with your dad! glad you guys had such a fun stay and that norah warmed up to the dog! glad you guys are doing well

Kim said...

Glad the fridge is fixed!
I bet it was wonderful to have your dad visit.
I have to say, your girls clothes are too cute-I love the striped dresses! Where did you find them?

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