Saturday, June 14, 2008

The rest of our trip

We've been home since Thursday and we have been busy! Matthew has been working in our yard and I have been unpacking and doing laundry. I wish the spiders hadn't gone crazy with the webs while we were away. I hate to tear down their hard work, but it has to be done!

I downloaded my pictures last night and uploaded them to Flickr today. You'll be happy to know that I was able to cut the "over 400" down to 250. Still a crazy amount.

Here is the rest of our trip, in pictures...

As you can tell by Elyn's smile, we had a great time the rest of the time we were at my mom's house. One night, we had a shrimp boil...yummm!

And we continued with swim lessons and hanging out at the pool

Wednesday night, quite a few of the family went to Joe T's to eat some good Mexican food. We love Joe T. Garcia's!

Matthew drove back to Fort Worth Wednesday night and was able to join us at the pool on Thursday. We had some fun and Nora learned to fly in the air.

Not wanting to leave Elyn out, Matthew threw her in the air too.

Nora had such a good time with Bailey. In fact, yesterday I told her we were going swimming and she asked if Bailey was going to be there. Thankfully, we are going on a vacation with my entire family in August and they will get to play together for a week.

It was a tad hot outside and the ice cream was no match for the sun.

On Friday, we were in Little Rock. We went to the zoo with Aunt Julia. It was toasty and the animals didn't smell very good. I'm surprised Aunt Julia didn't throw up...her being pregnant and all!!!!!!!! Yea!!!!!! We can't wait to meet baby Hughes in Feburary.

Nora told us the only things she wanted to see were the elephants and the giraffes. We saw the elephants first and then after we had seen the giraffes, she turned to us and said, "All done!". Um, sorry kiddo, we each paid $8 to get in here, you're seeing a few other things too.

Sadly, while we were in Nashville, I was a horrible picture taker. I thought my lens was messed up (it's not) so I didn't even get out my camera at most places. Here are a few that I did manage.

We went over to Matthew's aunt and uncle's house one afternoon and Nora got to play with her cousins (we could never figure out if they were 2nd or 3rd cousins). They were all playing in a little pool when we got there, so I stripped Nora down and let her get wet.

This precious little boy, Tom, kept calling Nora a little boy. I guess without any clothes on it is easy to make that mistake.

Nora loved playing with Aunt Linda's wooden spools. Such a great toy!

On Wednesday, we went to Camp Tahkodah to spend the day. It was wonderful! The girls had a great time and were EXHAUSTED by the time we left. Nora fell asleep in the van before we had even left the property.

This is how Elyn crawled around most of the time...she didn't like her knees to touch the ground. I can't say I blame her.

Nora loved stopping to pick up stick along the way. It was quite funny. Each time she came to one (about every 3 inches) she would stoop down to pick it up and act as if she had never seen a stick before.

By the time we were ready to go swimming, Elyn was tuckered out.

But Nora was ready to test out those swimming lesson skills she just had.

She loved the creek and was super sassy about showing off. She cried when we left.

On our last day of our trip, we went to see Matthew's grandparents. Nora loves Papa and Grandma!

So there you have it, our trip. Have I mentioned how happy we are to be home? Because we are!

I have more to blog what has been happening in our yard and a post dedicated to Matthew tomorrow. I'm glad to be back in the world of blogging. I haven't completely caught up on all of my blogs I read and am hoping to do that soon. I miss knowing what is going on with everyone!!!!

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Whitney said...

What a fun trip- yall were busy! I love the pictures too- especially the one of Nora jumping off the dock at camp! She's so brave!!!

Also, we've never been to Joe T Garcia's, but everyone tells us how great it is! We've got to go there- maybe sometime this summer!

Amy said...

Dallas, you look really good and thin! I forgot Matthew is related to Mary. It surprised me when I saw little Tom's picture.

Chandra said...

Looks like a fun trip! Elyn crawling with her knees off the ground is hilarious--and such a girl! So sweet! And that picture of the kids with the ice cream on their legs is PRICELESS!

Shannon said...

Ok, you have got to tell me how you listed the blogs with their latest post title. That would save me so much time clicking and looking through my list! I had to laugh about Matthew fixing the door. You have got to realize that you are blessed to have someone around who can do that. Poor Greg! That's just not a talent God gave him! :)

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