Sunday, July 27, 2008

Page 47?

Matthew and I watched National Treasure 2 last night. It was a pretty good movie, although, unrealistic in my opinion.

Really, he was able to just go through the President's desk and no security cameras captured this on tape? He kidnapped the President by taking him through a secret tunnel that NO ONE had ever found.

Anyway, I was wondering what was on page 47? Anyone know? Is there going to be a NT3?

To say that I have lost sleep over this would be a stretch, but did I think about it on the drive to church this morning? Yep...the whole way.

Any answers?

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TeamBortzfield said...

I'm sure now that Disney has the rights to the film they will make another movie about page 47 (hopefully clues to a treasure having to do with the Kennedy Assassination)You might also find a National Treasure Theme ride at Disneyworld along with some really cool merchandise for your young anthropologists to wear...Didn't you love the 4 sided balance table at the end?? Please!

Whitney said...

I was thinking the same thing- something about the Kennedy assassination. I agree, it was a good movie- but unrealistic at times!

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